Freelancing might look intriguing, the thought of working in your own comfort space and being your boss would impress many. As simple as it may appear, freelancing may be a difficult task at first and people may wonder how to earn money by writing as a freelancer. It may be tough for a new writer to gain clients and create a consumer base. This article will go over some dos and don’ts that you should remember if you are working as a freelance writer.

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Freelancing is one of the employment options that many individuals are considering in today’s world. The rule here is straightforward: if your work is excellent, more people will contact you. However, it is also tough to begin a career in this profession. To land a high-paying job, your work must impress the customer. It is the polar opposite of a regular job, where one receives a consistent salary. Freelancers, especially beginners, labor hard to find work. Obtaining long-term clients or consistent employment is seen as a freelancing jackpot. To make things easier for beginners, read on to learn about a few do’s and don’ts of being a freelance content writer.


  • Know your client as a freelance writer: When you are wondering how to earn money by writing as a freelancer, the first step is to be aware of who you are dealing with as a freelance writer. Since freelancers work on numerous tasks at once, they may confuse their clients. This generates an unprofessional appearance and should be avoided at all costs by all freelance content writers.

  • Be clear with the project: Read the brief thoroughly. Ascertain that all of the client’s criteria are met. If the customer forgets or fails to deliver the requirements, remind them to do the same. Because each sort of writing serves a particular function, working according to the brief will help you provide great work. You must follow the client’s word count, writing style, structure, and any other guidelines.

  • Work on the tone: While finding high paying job opportunity as a freelance content writer, you will be exposed to many types of writing. This also implies that each writing genre has its tone. A report’s tone and a travel guide’s tone cannot be the same, right? You must have the necessary skill set to transition between various tones without being overwhelmed.

  • Revise and self-edit as a freelance writer: Make sure to revise and modify your work several times. It is only logical to submit material that is well-written and devoid of grammatical problems. A consumer will be dissatisfied if they witness the same and fundamental problems occurring regularly. Several free websites provide services such as editing. People who do not go through multiple revisions often fail to get high paying job opportunity as a freelance content writer.

  • Accept revisions without throwing tantrums: You may believe that you have thoroughly reviewed the brief, made several adjustments, and that the writing is error-free. This does not imply that you will reject changes. To  get a high paying job opportunity as a freelance content writer, you must understand that the customer may request many modifications, which you should always accept graciously. This gives the sense that their thoughts and worries are important to you and that you offer genuine work.

  • A freelance writer must value their time: Determine how much time it will take you to create an article and then charge appropriately. To get a high paying job opportunity as a freelance content writer, you should also examine the price concerning your degree of competence, whether you are a beginner or a specialist. One of the most typical mistakes that beginners make is failing to value their time, which results in a lack of productivity.

  • A freelance should build a long term client base: A high paying job opportunity as a freelance content writer comes to those who have long term clients. Remember that you may not want to take on three or four tasks at once. It is always a good idea to develop a client that will return time and again and seek regular work from you. In this manner, you will have a consistent business and the necessity to locate more diverse types of clients will be eliminated

  • Specialize in a field: Today, content writers who have specialized in an area are getting high paying job opportunity as a freelance content writer. Clients that specialize in a field are preferred above those who can work in all fields. If you are a beginner, you might want to explore and see which field interests you, then try writing and specializing in that field.

  • Collect feedback: Last but not least, seek comments on your work. It will assist you in understanding and identifying the areas in which you are lacking and need to improve. As a result, you will develop as a writer and sharpen your skills. The customer will also get the idea that you are receptive to comments and that there is potential for development.

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  • A freelance writer should not be rigid: Rigidity just leads to issues. Don’t be overly tough with your customers. You must learn to break a few barriers as a content writer. A person who is adaptable and accommodating, as well as kind to customers, has a better chance of succeeding as a freelance content writer.

  • Avoid taking on initiatives that are far too demanding: True, one must develop, learn, and grow, but to get a high paying job opportunity as a freelance content writer, one should avoid taking on topics that are too tough for them or that they cannot write about. This can include issues about which you are completely unaware. In such circumstances, it is better to suggest your customer to another freelancer who may have some experience in the topic.

  • Don’t compromise on research: Before writing, a writer must conduct an extensive study. This will also help them get a high paying job opportunity as a freelance content writer. Extensive reading about the subject may be part of the research. Research also includes searching for seo-friendly keywords. You may need to identify a few trustworthy sources for that. Consider asking your customer about it, or finding some resources that they like, or the ideal way could be to utilize Google properly.

  • Don’t make promises you can’t keep: Making promises to clients when you know you won’t be able to keep them is a bad idea. You should think about communicating effectively with the customer, and if there is a task you cannot do, be sure to decline it rather than create a false promise.

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By the end of the article, you should have realized that while working as a freelance writer, and getting a high paying job opportunity as a freelance content writer, might be difficult at first, if you have the right skill set, client base, and authentic work, you will be able to build a successful career out of it. It is a bright field, but to thrive, one must be real and honest with their job.


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