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A good design serves more than just an aesthetic appeal. It builds up credibility of your company in the eyes of a client. It ensures brand recall and brand recognition. We live in a technology dominated society having numerous designing software around us. However, only a few facilitate constructive designing. This article puts forward the five best designing software.

A designing software is simply defined as a platform which serves as an aid to the process of designing. There are numerous top software for graphic designers which provide high quality services. However, some of them offer exceptional services to the graphic designers and simplify the process of ‘how to do professional designing’. Following are the five best designing software:

Adobe Photoshop, Top 5 designing softwares in the market

1. Adobe Photoshop

You can create spectacular and eye catching graphics on Adobe Photoshop. It is rated as the best designing software. There are principles of working on photoshop for professionals for modification and organising everything in a structural way.

You can develop graphics or modify existing ones. You can take your photographs to a whole new professional level by playing with color tones, adjusting clarity and other amazing image editing tools. Have a look at CHANGE COLOR OF AN IMAGE IN PHOTOSHOP: TOP TRICKS as good colors enhance the quality of an image. Photoshop offers a contrasting feature, color casts and various effects like making the pictures blurry or sharp. You can create any image or design using the various imaginative tools offered on Adobe Photoshop. To view the features of Adobe Photoshop, click here.

Adobe Indesign, Top 5 designing softwares in the market

2. Adobe Indesign

Adobe Indesign is a designing tool used to create brochures, flyers, newspapers, etc. It provides you with all the basic tools which are required for developing posters, flyers, brochures and newspapers. It offers professional layouts and typesetting tools. You can create multi-column pages using its numerous designing tools. It includes a rich collection of high quality graphics, tables and images. You can read this blog to know HOW TO CUT AN IMAGE IN PHOTOSHOP: THE USEFUL TOOLS. You can undertake the designing process online by sharing all your work on the cloud. This is a great feature as it helps you to share your work with other team members. To view the features of Adobe Indesign, click here.

Adobe Illustrator

3. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is one of the top software for graphic designers. It is a vector graphics designing tool created by Adobe. You can create logos, sketches, typography and illustrations. It offers various tools for transforming your simple drawing work into professional logos, graphics and sketches. For this, read our blog on 5 CRUCIAL LOGO DESIGN TIPS FOR EXPERTS and also how to DO JUSTICE TO YOUR TYPOGRAPHY: LEARN HOW TO WORK WITH KERNING. Moreover, illustrator lets you add various effects and styles to convey your message in an interesting way. Your illustrations can be used everywhere, from websites to printed pieces. To view the features of Adobe Illustrator, click here.

Corel Draw, Top 5 designing softwares in the market

4. Corel Draw

Corel Draw is a vector graphics designing tool developed by Coral Corporation. It enhances your designing talents by offering high caliber tools like symmetry mode, transparency picker, etc. It has a high collection of tutorials which can help a layman in the process of ‘how to do professional designing’. It offers case studies related to successful incorporation of designs. Moreover, it includes a stunning gallery comprising of a huge collection of high quality graphics. To view the features of Corel Draw, click here.



GIMP is one of the best designing software used for creating and modifying graphics. It offers sophisticated designing tools for developing high quality graphics. It provides tools for high quality graphics manipulation. In one of our blogs, we have explained HOW TO CONVERT LOW RESOLUTION GRAPHICS TO HIGH RESOLUTION: STEP BY STEP GUIDE for a good quality image that showcases professionalism.

You can transform a simple image into various artistic creations. It offers top notch color management features to ensure attractive and high quality colors. You can easily develop numerous graphic design elements using GIMP. If you are interested in creating designs of your own, blog on 10 DESIGNING METHODOLOGIES CREATIVE CONCEPTUALISATION OF IDEAS is surely going to be a perfect guide for you. To view features of GIMP, click here.

All the above designing software are the best designing software in the market. They are rated as the top software for graphic designers on the internet. You can use any of them for developing professional designs for various purposes.


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