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Newsletters are one of the most common ways for reaching out to the target audience. As a result, numerous established organizations use the technique of sending out newsletters for being in regular touch with the customers. Therefore, in order to effectively communicate a message, newsletter designing plays the prime role. This article lays down tips for newsletter designing and answers your question of ‘How to design a newsletter.’

Successful design and a valuable content are two basic things, which attract an individual to go through your newsletter. Therefore, one can’t undermine the significance of valuable content as the content should meet the expectations of the reader. So, you should know the difference between good and bad quality content. In addition to this, there are various factors affecting the design of a newsletter, like using contrast and maintaining consistency. Following are the tips for answering the question, ‘how to design a newsletter’.

1.Develop structured and attractive headings

1. Develop structured and attractive headings for effective newsletter designing

Headings are of a vital importance in the process of newsletter designing. Hence, you should pick the right heading, which draws the customer towards reading your newsletter. Moreover, a heading forms the first and basic impression in the reader’s mind. If your heading isn’t interesting enough, the design of your newsletter fails.

Hence, you should develop a constructive and catchy headline for your newsletter. To know the importance of headings and other factors influencing your newsletter, click on the link below: 10 TIPS FROM A PERFECTIONIST TO ENHANCE YOUR SKILL IN WEBSITE CONTENT WRITING.

2.The role of a header

2. The role of a header in newsletter designing

The header will appear in every newsletter you send. It is important to differentiate your newsletter from the regular format of e-mails. The header plays the role of distinguishing your newsletter from other mails.  Moreover, it should be designed in a way such that it enhances your brand value. Conveying your brand name and logo is an easy task. However, placing the header appropriately is what makes your newsletter stand out.

3.The role of a footer

3. The role of a footer in newsletter designing

We saw the importance of a header in a newsletter. In the same vein, the role of a footer is multi functional and as important as a header. In the footer, you can provide the contact details or sharing options. Create a compelling call to action and place it in your footer.

Most importantly, don’t forget to give an option of unsubscribing in your footer, as making it hard for people to unsubscribe is not a professional act.

4.Use standard and professional fonts

4. Using standard and professional fonts is an important aspect of newsletter designing

Avoid using funky fonts and adopt professionalism in your typography. Stick with basic fonts like Arial and Times New Roman while designing your newsletter. Too many fonts can make your newsletter look cluttered. Therefore, don’t use more than two fonts and maintain consistency throughout your newsletter. 

5.Decide colour scheme according to your company’s logo

5. Decide color scheme according to your company’s logo for better newsletter designing

A plain newsletter is clearly dull. Picking an ideal color scheme for your newsletter is a must in the process of ‘how to design a newsletter’. Choose the color scheme according to your company’s logo. For example, if you have a red and orange logo, adopt the same color scheme for your newsletter.

Even designing an appropriate and catchy logo for your brand is a vital task. Click here if you are looking for some inspiration for logo designing. You can get a logo designed professionally by clicking here. Or try designing a logo for yourself using THE BEST FREE ONLINE LOGO MAKERS FOR BEGINNERS.

6.Pick the right layout

6. One of the most important steps of newsletter designing is picking the right layout

Use a clean and simple layout for your newsletter. Newsletter designing should begin by sketching a rough layout for your newsletter. Analyze its elements and effectiveness in communicating a particular message. Being able to put across your message effectively is an essential process. Hence, importance of communication skills is intact and crucial in the arena of digital content.

It is advisable to use a simple layout design over a complex layout design. Picking the right layout is one of the significant tips for designing a newsletter. There are various layout options you can choose from. If you are looking for a free designing software to use for this purpose, check out our blog on: THE BEST FREE GRAPHIC DESIGN SOFTWARE WHICH SHOULDN’T BE MISSED.

7.Make the significant elements stand out

7. An important tip for newsletter designing: Make the significant elements stand out

A good design highlights the important aspects of a newsletter through the right positioning, color and contrasting. Moreover, one of the most important tips for designing a newsletter is effective usage of fonts and colors to highlight the important parts of a newsletter. In short, it should enable the reader to understand the important elements at a glance. 

8.Incorporate videos/gifs

8. Incorporate videos/gifs for effective newsletter designing

Gifs and videos are increasingly being used in the emails these days. So, they can very well be incorporated in newsletter designing as well. Therefore, you should choose the right gifs and videos for your newsletter, which are relevant to your product. In fact, videos and gifs will make your newsletter appear more attractive as well as professional. THE GROWING IMPORTANCE OF PROFESSIONAL DESIGNING AROUND US compels one to produce as polished work as possible. In short, gifs can generate a significant impact if they are incorporated properly. 

9.Judicious use of white space

9. Use white space judiciously and improve your newsletter designing

An adequate amount of white-space enables your content to breathe along with making a substantial impact on the reader. So, break your content into structured segments during the process of newsletter designing. Above all, effective utilization of white-space will make it easier for your readers to scan your newsletter. 

10.The power of contrast

10. The power of contrast

A newsletter without any contrast is too dull to be read. Use fonts of the same family like Sans Serif and Serif. This is one way of incorporating contrast in the typography. Secondly, you can also use contrasting colors like black and white. Further, adding contrast while designing a newsletter, will make it visually appealing for the readers. 

11.Maintain consistency- adhere to professional guidelines

11. Maintain consistency- adhere to professional guidelines

Use the same color scheme and font types while designing a newsletter. It will enhance the reading legibility of your newsletter. Further, maintaining consistency highlights professionalism in the process of ‘how to design a newsletter’.

12.Offer an easy and quick reading experience

12. Offer an easy and quick reading experience 

You must keep the ‘shortage of time’ factor in your mind in the process of designing a newsletter. Everybody is running out of time. In such a situation, develop your newsletter in a way, which generates an instant impact. This is to say, make your newsletter easy-to-read by making the significant segments stand out. In other words, your newsletter should have a proper structure and should be professional. Read more about WHAT IS THE PROPER STRUCTURE OF PROFESSIONAL CONTENT? here.

13.Say no to too much content

13. Say no to too much content

A good newsletter is made up of the right amount of content. Share the best content by analyzing all the information you have. In order to keep it concise and crisp, there should be a simple and professional use of language.

14.Use powerful images

14. Use powerful images

Convey information using info-graphics. An effective image can replace a thousand of words. Thereby, saving the space and reducing the effort on the reader’s end. Use clear and high quality images, which are relevant to your product and organization. Clearly, using images is one of the most effective tips for designing a newsletter.

15.Don’t miss out on the basic

15. Don’t miss out on the basics

Majority of designers skip out on the basic information and the purpose behind designing a newsletter. There are a few basic things, which you must include in your newsletter like company information, call to action, sharing information, link to the website, etc. In other words, don’t get too engrossed in designing that you end up missing out on the basics.

To sum up, all the above points serve as constructive and effectual tips for designing a newsletter. Only good content doesn’t work for making a successful newsletter. There are numerous factors to be kept in mind, which have been explained in detail. Now that you know these factors, begin designing your newsletter now!


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