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Graphic designing is an artistic and technical field. It requires skills to persuade and engage the customers using various designing elements. Everybody knows the common graphic designing tricks. Amidst the common designing skills, unique and distinctive graphic designing skills can make you stand out. Don’t fall for the commonly used design practices. Uncommon design tricks will surely lend a touch of professionalism and uniqueness to your design. Thus, this article presents uncommon and effective professional design tricks.

The primary aim of a graphic design is to convey a message to the viewer. The process of graphic designing isn’t merely restricted to artistic elements. It requires a combination of technology and art to form effective designs. Following are unique advertising and branding material design tips and tricks:

1. Automation

Automation is concerned with incorporation of an automatic equipment in a process. It saves up the quality time of the designer. For example: Automatic identification of the image sizes, automatic change of file formats, automatic renaming of files when inserted in Photoshop, etc. There is a variety of programs which can enable you to incorporate automation. Hazel is a program which searches for folders and names them according to the rules enacted by you. This is an effective program for automatic naming of the files. Another program similar to Hazel is Keyboard Maestro. It is one of the expert designing techniques from a professional graphic designing agency. To know how to change the color of an image in Photoshop, read our blog: CHANGE COLOR OF AN IMAGE IN PHOTOSHOP- TOP TRICKS.

2. A pinch of subtle shadow

Shadows are a great feature of Photoshop. However, a lot of times, they are overused. Due to this, the shine of the design is lost. Go for dark shadows only if necessary. Using the light shadows can make your text shine. It is a good way to provide a highlight to the relevant material in the design. At first, set the blend mode at the multiplying level. Enter 30% for the opacity, followed by 1,0,1 for the distance, spread and size. This will create a subtle yet effective impact. A pinch of subtle shadow can be magical for your design and is one of the effective professional design tricks. To know what are the top 5 elements of design that every designer should focus on, read our blog: TOP 5 DESIGN ELEMENTS PROFESSIONAL DESIGNERS SHOULD FOCUS ON.

expert designing techniques to make geometric designs

3. Real life colors

Picking colors from real life adds a natural and organic effect to your design. Sip is an application of Mac which gives you a variety of suitable colors. Select the application and it will give you a loupe. Place the loupe on the kind of color which you desire and a number of options will be presented along with their hex codes. Another application which serves a similar purpose is the cone. You can simply pick any color from the real world. This application will provide you with its color code and pantone shade. Real life colors enable you to catch the viewer’s eye easily. It is an effective advertising and branding material design tip and trick. To know the top color combinations, read our blog: TOP COLOR COMBINATIONS- POWER OF COLOR RELATIONSHIPS.


4. Use text expander

Text expander is an easy way to generate full forms by small inputs. For example, if you want the word ‘Chevrolet’, you can simply put in ‘ChV’. It will save your time by reducing the keystrokes. This way you can be done with the content writing part in a minimal time. The same can be done for full paragraphs as well. Put in a suitable input to get a huge amount of content, on a click. Text expander is one of the most easy, interesting and effective professional design tricks.

5. Choose extensions

Internet extensions can be a handy designing trick. Two of the best extensions for designing purposes are the Whatfont tool and Colorzilla. The Whatfont tool is a font generator. You can click on the icon in your browser and roll your mouse over the text. The name of a font will appear and you can get information related to it. Colorzilla works with chrome and Firefox. You get a color picker, gradient generator and eye dropper in this tool. Both of these tools are extremely effectual expert designing techniques adopted by a professional graphic designing agency. To know about the best grammar editors available in the market online, read our blog: THE BEST GRAMMAR EDITORS AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET THAT EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW.

All the above points serve as distinctive advertising and branding material design tips and tricks. Use them in your designing for coming up with unique and constructive designs. They will give you a competitive edge in the market for sure.


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