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Content is what constitutes a website. What words are to a novel, is what content is to a website. Creating SEO friendly content is important for a website for various reasons. This makes the SEO content writer a major personnel in a digital marketing company. This article casts light on the importance of SEO content and the content writers in today’s digital world.

Search engine friendly content writing services are available in abundance these days. These are provided by freelancer websites and content writing agencies, who hire individuals for the same. There are also inhouse professional content writers, who work in a company’s content writing department.


Importance of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation has become very important in the modern day internet world. When a person searches for something online, he/she uses certain keywords. When the results show, multiple links appear. By doing SEO for the website (and incorporating relevant keywords in the content), the webpage is displayed in the search results. Better SEO ensures the webpages securing higher ranking in the search engines for specific keywords. There are many On page SEO techniques to enhance your webpage’s rank in SERPs. Read our blog: ‘Most important and effective On page SEO techniques for SEO specialists‘ and get familiar with some of the best on page SEO techniques.

If there are several websites providing content, the one that has SEO friendly content will be on top of the rest. A website coming in the top results of the search engine result pages also helps in increasing the brand value of the website.

Why content is important for SEO

Content is probably the most important part of SEO. Content is what makes it possible for search engines to rank your webpages in the top of the SERPs.  So there is no denying to the fact that content is the bread and butter for your business website. To know more about the subject, consider reading our blog: ‘Importance of Content in SEO Marketing’.

  • Content is what search engines rank: Web crawlers crawl through the text and images and then rank the website in the search engines, based on the quality of the content and other factors. If content is irrelevant, there won’t be any basis for the search engines to rank the websites. SEO friendly content is therefore the most important part of a website.
  • Involves all keywords: Text is the major part of content. SEO friendly content has necessary keywords, which are included with precision. On the basis of these keywords, the links to the websites are ranked by search engines.
  • Good content implies more website traffic: There are numerous websites in the top ranks having poor quality content. This is because of the huge amount of money spent to get in the top results, instead of creating SEO friendly content. Mediocre level businesses or those businesses that cannot afford to spend much, should work on the quality of content. Creating SEO friendly content is important for retaining readers.
  • Social validation: If the content is of good quality and is liked by the target audience, people would also start following the website on social media such as Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram, etc. This results in an automatic boost to the social profiles of the company. People will also start appreciating and sharing the content, carrying out free publicity for the company on social media sites.
  • Audience comprehends the message: Through content, an audience gets to know what the company wants to convey. Good quality, user friendly content makes it easy for the people to comprehend  the company’s message.
  • Greater impact: Using SEO friendly content has a better impact than any other marketing or advertising technique. It helps the link of the company’s website, to find a place among the top results in search engines. Hence, it multiplies the reach of the website and increases search traffic.


Importance of a SEO content writer

Now when we know about the significance of content in SEO, it is an important thing to understand that not any other writer can carry out the responsibilities. An experienced SEO content writer is well aware of his/her duties and  understand the mantle of work he/she is engaged into. It could be a very head scratching decision whether to choose a freelance writer or agencies. Read our blog: ‘Freelance content writers: are they the best way forward?’ and evaluate by yourself.

  • Incorporation of keywords strategically: Search engine friendly content writing services are offered by a content writer. A professional writer searches for the appropriate keywords (using Google’s Keyword Planner tool, etc.) and then incorporates them into the text. The incorporation of keywords by the SEO content writer takes place in such a way that it does not seem like the keywords have been forcefully added. The writer writes in a way that makes it appear that the keywords are already a part of the well-thought vocabulary plan of the writer.
  • Making the content  attractive: The job of a SEO content writer is to make the content interesting. This can be done by using creative punchlines and humor. Practical, real life examples and experiences can be used to make the text informative.
  • Include the required matter: A writer includes all the essential information in the content. He/She strategically decides the format of the content, carries out related research, prepares a list of what is to be included and then starts writing.
  • Pro-linguistic skills: A professional SEO content writer has excellent command over a particular language. This makes the content free from any grammatical or spelling errors. In this era of budding Grammar-Nazis, it is important to be one hundred percent accurate.
  • Timely completion of work: A SEO content writer has experience in the field and he/she knows how to carry out effective research and write without any errors under tight schedules. Therefore, most of the work is completed on time.

Spending money in search engine friendly content writing services is an investment as it brings great returns. If SEO friendly techniques are incorporated with the planning of the website itself, it can result in decreased costs and even better returns from the very beginning.

Therefore, it is essential for a company to invest in acquiring search engine friendly content writing services. Even though the quality of content may be really good, without using SEO friendly techniques, it would be a wastage of efforts, time and money.


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