If you are looking for a writing job online, then online article writing jobs are perfect for you. While people always talk about the advantages of online content writing jobs, no one talks about the challenges of writing content online. This post is going to help you in order to prepare for the odds that lie in the field of professional content writing.

Article writing has been in practice for ages, but it has evolved in nature with time. Earlier, article writing was done only in the form of newspaper articles and pamphlets. But with the advent of the internet, article writing has grown into a major aspect of content writing. There are some THINGS YOU SHOULD KEEP IN MIND BEFORE YOU START WORKING IN A CONTENT WRITING AGENCY. Online article writing jobs are easy to find, but if you want to become a serious writer, there are some challenges of writing content online and advantages of online content writing jobs that you must consider. We have listed them below:

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Pros of online article writing jobs

  1. Freedom to choose various projects at the same time: An article writer, if he/ she is a freelancer, has the freedom to choose as many projects that he/ she can handle. This is one of biggest advantages of online content writing jobs because it cuts through boredom and enables the mind to engage in various topics to keep it occupied. Also, it helps the writer earn more money from different sources at the same time and make connections with clients and other writers.
  2. Makes you a Self-taught person: If you have an online article writing job, you get to write on a variety of topics, which involve research and thus, help you gain a dynamic knowledge. You get to learn new things and put them out into the world for your readers to read and understand them. Here is WHY YOU SHOULD FOCUS ON WORK BASED LEARNING SYSTEM to excel in your career. In order to write an article, you need to do an in-depth research into the topics, bringing to you a vast pool of knowledge and learning.
  3. Obtaining a special status: One of the advantages of online content writing jobs is that it is a respectable job. When you obtain proper expertise, you get to coach and train people who want to follow in your footsteps. People may look up to you with awe and inspiration.
  4. Jobs in high-demand: With the emergence of SEO strategies in the content writing industry, original good-quality work has come to value and held in high regard. Therefore, content writing agencies are keen on employing article writers for original articles. Online article writing jobs are never scarce and it would not be hard for you to find one if you are good at your job and willing to work hard. Have a look at these 10 TIPS FROM A PERFECTIONIST TO ENHANCE YOUR SKILL IN WEBSITE CONTENT WRITING.

Cons of online article writing jobs

Cons of online article writing jobs

  1. Pay not as per expectations: When you are starting out as an article writer, it is likely that you will get a job that is average or moderate pay, owing to your lack of experience. In this blog, we discuss as to HOW MUCH SALARY CAN ONE MAKE AS A CONTENT WRITER. Even for experienced writers, article writing does not guarantee very good prices. The price paid-per-article depends upon a lot of factors including the nature of article to be written, level of the writer, budget of the company and the prevailing market rates (which is affected by competition).
  2. Competition: To get writing job online, you may have to deal with a lot of competition. Even if you have a job already, the competition is severe and you, as an article writer, are very much replaceable. People with better writing skills can easily get ahead of you. Therefore, you must be alert and hard working in order to sustain a career in this field.
  3. Inability to express own opinion: If you are a creative thinker, then one of the challenges of writing content online, which you will face is the inability to express your own emotions. This is the difference between a personal blogger and a professional article writer. A blogger is free to express his/ her ideas, but an article writer is tied-up to stick to the facts and findings. An article writer must always state facts and statistics and present everything from an objective point of view. This results in creative limitations. To get clear understanding, see the CORE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN BLOGS & ARTICLES.
  4. Monotony and routine: Sometimes, the job of an article writer can seem monotonous and routine, owing to the amount of work or the topics that they have chosen. The process of extensive researching can seem long and banal. Thus, an article writer needs to be professional enough to tackle this sense of boredom and meet his/ her deadlines with diligence. Here are some TIPS TO ENSURE DEADLINE SUCCESS WHILE MAINTAINING EFFICIENCY at work.

In brief, to succeed in online article writing jobs, you need to be diligent and mindful. Here are THE BEST CONTENT WRITING TIPS FOR A PROFESSIONAL WRITER. The ability to take criticism and work on your mistakes is of vital importance. To BE SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE: KILL EGO AT WORKPLACE WITH THESE SIMPLE RULES and work on your skills on a daily basis. Read articles by other authors. Again, though it is easy to get a writing job online, it is hard to excel at it and sustain a living if you are not willing to work hard.


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