You must have heard about the traits of good writers in the content writing world but have you heard of the bizarre thing these writers do? Alongside their wonderful skill and determination, the best content writers in India are strange writers exhibiting strange behavior. We bring light to these eccentric qualities of writers that people seldom talk about.

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The best content writers in India are not like ordinary people in the sense that they achieve extra-ordinariness in their writings. However, there are certain qualities of these writers that set them apart from the people around them. These rare qualities are pretty much a part of their personal behavior and help them excel at their jobs. Have a look at some of the THINGS YOU SHOULD KEEP IN MIND BEFORE YOU START WORKING IN A CONTENT WRITING AGENCY. We have made a list the strange traits of good writers, not just in India but all around the world.


1. Fussiness

The best content writers in India are always fussy about their work. They do not send their work for publication until they are sure that every word has been written to perfection and there are not any flaws present anywhere. They spend hours coming up with the right word in a sentence. They do not stop until they have found the right words and framed their sentences to perfection. This is why they have frequent disagreements with clients because they are fussy about changes and feel creatively limited sometimes. Their work means the world to them and every sentence, every word has to be calculated and recalculated to fit the bill. Here are THE BEST CONTENT WRITING TIPS FOR A PROFESSIONAL WRITER that you need to keep in mind for delivering valuable content.

Erratic Moods

2. Erratic Moods

This is one of the well-known qualities of writers in the content writing world. They are temperamental people and their moods maybe volatile. They might not be the most professional people, as they likely work only when the mood strikes them and refuse to do work if they have a writer’s block. They wait for inspiration to strike because they depend on inspiration and intuition at some level to produce good work which distinguishes them from ordinary writers.


3. Untidiness

Most writers are untidy when it comes to their work space. Their work is not arranged and often, they require personal secretaries to sort these things out. They are absent-minded and may forget appointments and meetings frequently as they are lost in their own world. They are so engrossed in their work that they forget to clean up their work space and organize things; some writers function best when there is chaos around them. And, that’s literally a bizarre trait of good writers!

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4. Finicky about deadlines

The best content writers in India are very perturbed about deadlines and do not like missing them at any cost. They obsess and panic over deadlines. Even under the gravest of circumstances, they are always concerned with deadlines and exhibit workaholic tendencies. You may also like to read our blog on BEST TIME MANAGEMENT TIPS TO INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY AT WORK as this quality can help anyone to excel at the job.

Scribbling everywhere

5. Scribbling everywhere

One of the habits these strange writers have is that they scribble everywhere whenever inspiration strikes them. They maybe found scribbling on every piece of paper on their desk, their own clothes and even the walls. They do not care if this behavior appears strange to the people around them. They have ideas and inspirations going in their heads at all times and do not want to risk missing out any vital key idea that might come to them. Have a look at the TOP 10 DAY-TO-DAY CHALLENGES OF A CONTENT DEVELOPER.

They are never satisfied with their work

6. They are never satisfied with their work

What distinguishes the best content writers in India from their counterparts is that they are never ever satisfied with their work. For them, perfection is just an idea that can never be achieved. They always give it their best but never feel satisfied enough. They always feel like something is lacking or they could have made it better. They have obsessive compulsive tendencies that might prove to be a challenge. We have listed here some of the TIPS TO ENSURE DEADLINE SUCCESS WHILE MAINTAINING EFFICIENCY.

Writers are the most curious, intriguing people you may ever meet; they have knacks and tendencies that might leave you baffled. It is not easy to stop these qualities of writers that set them apart from the rest. Their eccentricity is a part of their genius so these qualities cannot be suppressed by them. Check out this blog about the 10 TIPS FROM A PERFECTIONIST TO ENHANCE YOUR SKILL IN WEBSITE CONTENT WRITING to improve your expertise as a content writer.


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