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Are you looking for free marketing articles to learn professional marketing online? Here, at Uni Square Concepts, we not only work on providing you with marketing-related knowledge, but we also guide you in your strategy-making process from the ground up. If you are looking for a chain of well-written free marketing blogs, keep reading.

We provide you with top-quality free marketing articles. It includes major strategies involved in marketing and also tips and pointers to help you get to the top. The process of learning professional marketing online is fun and easy by keeping in mind a practical approach to the most complicated topics. We have kept both small and big business setups in mind while writing these blogs. Additionally, we have instances borrowed from our own experience while writing free marketing articles about the strategies used in marketing. Here are a few reasons why you will find our blogs helpful:


1. Our free marketing articles are user-friendly 

Here at The Uni Square Blog by Uni Square Concepts, we write our free marketing articles in a language that is simple and user-friendly. We value simplicity when it comes to blogging. Even the layman or a 5th grader can read and understand our work. We aim to explain complex topics in the simplest of words. We put a lot of value to the readability scores of our work. We do not publish any work unless it scores 70 or more in the Flesch Readability Test. It is our aim to get through to a large body of people regardless of age, education level and nationality. Therefore, we put a lot of effort into maintaining the reading ease.

2. Our free marketing articles are based on insightful well-researched work

We aim for people to learn professional marketing online, therefore we put a lot of effort into coming up with insightful well-researched work. It is an accumulation of our own insight and market research. You can be assured that all the information provided here has been checked and double checked to make sure it is proper and correct. We have done an in-depth analysis of all topics related to marketing. It is our goal to cover all areas that have anything to do with marketing.

Good Presentation

3. Our free marketing articles have good presentation

Like most websites providing opportunities to learn professional marketing online, we are very particular about our presentation. We put appropriate photographs, diagrams, screenshots, and graphs to make learning a fun experience. Our attractive page layouts and interesting color schemes provide a good learning background. We aim to make the dullest seem interesting through our presentation strategies. Know more about how to design attractive websites, in our blog on ‘DESIGNING A WEBSITE- TOP 6 WEBSITE DESIGNING PLATFORMS FOR BEGINNERS‘.


4. Our free marketing articles cover the practical aspects of theoretical studies

Being a full-service advertising company, we have a lot of experience when it comes to the practical use of theoretical marketing strategies. We have worked on several promotions and campaigns. In our free marketing articles, we have added our own insight and experiences. All our tried and tested methods, shortcuts, plan to fail, tips and tricks are included in our works.


5. Our free marketing articles stress on variety

Here, at The Uni Square Blog by Uni Square Concepts, we stress on variety. We want you to learn professional marketing online at a variety of levels. With our extensive research and creativity, we have aimed to capture all the facets and various essence of marketing at its core. It is vital that you look at marketing from all angles while you are a learner. Along with learning the latest techniques, you can also learn all about the oldest yet most practiced marketing techniques used by corporate companies, like Guerrilla Marketing.


6. Our free marketing articles are useful for all

Our knowledge of free marketing articles can be divided into three categories namely, beginners, intermediates, and experts. All three categories for marketers will find them useful. Just like there are various facets of marketing, there are also various levels of marketing. We cater to all kinds of marketers, regardless of what level they function in.

Being a full-service ad agency, our blog team consists of content writers who churn out material on advertising, branding, and marketing. Blogging is just one of the facets of the multidimensional work we provide here. We see it as a service to pass on our knowledge to young marketers, professionals and content writers, in the form of free marketing articles.


Uday Sonthalia

Uday Sonthalia is the promoter and CEO of Uni Square Concepts, a top advertising agency located in New Delhi, India. He has authored the critically acclaimed career guide, The Unparalleled Roadmap. The Uni Square Blog is managed under his dynamic leadership and editorial skills.