Google+ is a discontinued social media marketing platform by Google. When it was active, Google plus had approximately 400 million active users. This means that for brands, google+ provided numerous opportunities for digital marketing and lead generation. It was a powerful tool for content sharing, branding and was good for SEO. This blog’s highlights reasons why we all loved to do Social Media Marketing through Google+, before it was discontinued.

Google+ had become one of the significant tools for social media marketing before it was discontinued by Google. More and more brands were using it to promote businesses on google plus. At one point of time, it was the second largest social media site, and thus was a part of every business’ social media strategy. Here are six reasons why we all considered advertising on Google plus, when the site was active.

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1. Google+ content gOT indexed fast

One of the reasons we liked Social Media Marketing through Google+ was that the content you posted on Google+ got indexed fast and appeared in the search results within a few minutes. Advertising on Google plus increased visibility and also helped to rank for keywords. Content that was posted on Google+ showed up faster on the search results as compared to the content that is posted on other social sites. It could also drive traffic from the google SERPs to the website. Read about how integral is content marketing in advertising, in our blog: HOW INTEGRAL IS CONTENT MARKETING IN ADVERTISING?

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2. Easy to connect with potential clients

On Google+, it was easier to connect and converse with potential clients. You could either directly search for potential clients or use communities. Google+ communities were a great way to build an audience. The content that was posted on communities could be seen by users in their home screen. This increaseed content visibility and maked it easier to reach prospects.

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3. BoostED SEO

Advertising on Google plus could do wonders for a business. Social Media Marketing through Google+ was very important as it allowed users to create a network by letting them add people to their circle. The number of people who added you in your circle or vice versa could boost your visibility. A good way to get your URL to be indexed higher in the SERPs was to stay active on Google+. When Google+ was active we just used to share our blog posts, build circles and stay active in communities to boost SEO. The page could rank in the top results for brand and non-brand related keywords, if optimised correctly. Read the ultimate blog marketing guide, in our blog: THE ULTIMATE BLOG MARKETING GUIDE.

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4. Connect with influencers

Social Media Marketing through Google+ also helped to connect with influencers. Creating a network and joining communities related to the industry allowed to come in contact with major influencers. Brands could reach out to influencers using hangouts and hangouts on air. When any person/ firm chose to promote business on google plus, they definitely succeeded in changing their business game altogether.

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5. Local marketing

Listings for local businesses on Google Maps were linked to the google+ page. This navigated traffic from Google Maps to the Google+ account of a business. With Google+ local, users could post reviews and get directions to brands relevant to their needs.

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6. Lead generation is easier

Communities and circles maked it easier for businesses to generate leads. One could used hashtags, images and links to compel users to visit to your webpage. You could even use CTAs to compel users to navigate to your landing page where you can ask them for relevant information. Read about the most effective lead generation tactics using digital marketing, in our blog: MOST EFFECTIVE LEAD GENERATION TACTICS USING DIGITAL MARKETING

Google+ was an important part of e-commerce. Social Media Marketing through Google+ could give brands a boost in visibility and SEO. The best way to promote business on google plus was by staying active, adding influencers, publishing content, engaging with other users, etc. The more engagement your content got, the higher one ranked in search results. However, Google+ could never get the kind of traction that the other main stream social media sites like FaceBook and Instagram shared. It also had the burden of maintaining the brand name of Google. There were many other reasons, which led to Google+ being discontinued. Active or not, google+ will certainly stay in our memories for a long period of time!



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