Native advertising is a form of advertising that syncs with web content and is being increasingly used by number of publishers. One of the biggest advantages of native ads is that they make the advertisement relatable and interesting. And, as a result, that enhances the CTR or Click-through-rate. This blog talks about what is native advertising and how to do it.

What is native advertising? The easiest answer to this question would be that it is a form of online advertising which syncs with the look and function of the format in which they appear. The meaning of native advertising in the digital space is that such ads integrate with the content of the webpage. You can easily find these ads in social media feed or as recommended content on web pages. These ads are also non disruptive and look like part of the page.

Types of native advertising, What is native advertising and how it works

Types of native advertising:

  • Sponsored content: Sponsored content refers to articles or videos that appear on websites and are similar to the website’s content. Advertiser pays the amount for sponsored content in return of getting products and services promoted.
  • Recommended content: These are recommended articles that appear below the article that a user has read. These are provided by content recommendation engines like outbrain, boomtrain, etc. Such native ads can result in a significant boost in traffic. Read our blog on SEO TACTICS TO IMPROVE WEBSITE TRAFFIC to know some other ways to inflate your traffic.
  • In-feed social ads: In-feed social ads are available on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. These advertisements appear between the content in the social media platform it appears on.

Benefits of native advertising, What is native advertising and how it works

Benefits of native advertising:

After knowing what is native advertising, let’s see the benefits that it offers to advertisers:

  • Non intrusive: Unlike other types of ads which might annoy the consumer, native ads integrate with the content of a webpage. Such ads are in fact, subconsciously consumed by the viewers. Likewise, Infographics present the data in an interesting way, which prompts the viewers to read it. It also quickly delivers the message behind the data.
  • Have a higher CTR: The non-intrusive nature of native ads has brought about an increase in the click through rates of advertisements.
  • Better performance: As native ads are placed according to context and relevance, they perform better than other kinds of advertising methods.

How to do native digital advertising, What is native advertising and how it works

How to do native digital advertising

  • Set goals: As with any other advertising campaign, you have to first define what you want to achieve with native advertising. Possible goals can be brand awareness, lead generation, content consumption, thought leadership, etc.
  • Select the right message: Once you identify the target audience, analyse their behaviour and preferences. Then determine the kind of content that will compel them to take the desired action.
  • Choose platform and format for native ads: There are many platforms and channels available to reach out to different kinds of audiences. Also, each platform has different ad formats which easily sync with the content of that platform.
  • Invest in your best performing content: Convert your best performing content into native ads. By focusing on your audience and what they want to see, you can gain better results.
  • Test and measure: Next, optimise the elements of the copy and content to ensure maximum engagement. Furthermore, measure pageviews, conversions, engagement, impressions, referrals, etc to know how well the ads are performing.

Top native advertising platforms

  • Outbrain: Outbrain is one of the most popular native ad networks. The quality and relevance of ads is monitored using filters. It has teamed up with a number of leading publishers to promote native ads.
  • Nativo: One of the best platforms in the realm of native advertising. It works with a number of reputed publishers to show ads.
  • NativeAds: For advertisers, NativeAds can leverage other networks to expand reach of advertisements. For publishers, one of its advantages is that it can be used along with Adsense.
  • Taboola: Taboola serves ads on some of the best publishing websites such as Fox sports, NBC, Tribune, and smaller niche blogs as well.
  • Gravity: Another renowned native advertising platform, it features ads on some of the best publisher websites.

Hopefully, now you understand the meaning of native advertising in digital space. In short, native advertising offers two main benefits. First is the higher likelihood of consumption of ads. Second, is more credibility. So, the key to better results of native ads is that they seamlessly sync with the content and make ads relevant and interesting.

Thus, many advertisers are using native ads to promote their business and build brand awareness. Read our next blog on 7 UNKNOWN WAYS TO DO B2B MARKETING ON LINKEDIN that is also a great way to spread brand awareness.


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