Generating leads is essential for a business to survive. So, the major goal of many marketing campaigns is to generate leads of people who will eventually become customers. Leads can be generated in a number of ways, there are traditional tactics like networking, door to door advertising, direct mail, etc. and digital marketing tactics like facebook lead ads, blogs, online surveys, etc. This blog lists some of the best strategies for lead generation using digital marketing.

A lead is the details of a person or a company, who indicates interest in a company’s products or services. Lead generation is the process of attracting people and converting them into qualified queries, which might eventually get converted into business. Generating leads is an important step in converting people into customers. Here are a few effective tactics for lead generation using digital marketing:

Most effective Lead generation tactics using digital marketing

1. Email marketing

Emails are a powerful form of communication in digital marketing. It is one of the most used tactics for lead generation. This is because it is easy to send out emails and it is quite effective. What makes this method of lead generation even easier, is the number of email marketing platforms available. To name a few:

  • MailChimp: Is the most widely used email marketing tool and allows integration with WordPress, facebook, twitter, Google Analytics, etc. The easy to read analytics also make it a favorite of many marketers.
  • Benchmark: Email marketing tools allow you a lot of flexibility with email templates and styles. You can send video emails or regular emails, which are clean and professional.
  • Drip: It is a beginner friendly email marketing service. It offers segmentation tools, automation, and other features to reach out to specific audiences in your list.
  • Constant Contact: Another easy to use, beginner friendly service. Unlike the other 3, which have both free and paid services, Constant Contact provides a 30-day free trial and then users have to pay for the service. It offers good support, easy tracking, good templates, etc.

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Most effective Lead generation tactics using digital marketing

2. Social media marketing

Social media marketing is an effective way of lead generation using digital marketing. It provides market insights and allows businesses to communicate with customers. In the recent times, social media has become a great medium for generating leads. By tapping into the potential of social media, you can generate a number of leads easily. Many well known social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn provide lead generation forms for businesses.

  • LinkedIn LeadGen Forms: These allow you to put in CTAs on ads, making the process of lead generation easier for the prospects. The CTA might be asking them to sign up, download something, or any other action you might want your ads to take. When users click on the LeadGen ads, they don’t have to fill in the fields, as LinkedIn fills them using data provided by the users. All they have to do is confirm and tap submit. It is though highly costly as compared to Facebook and other channels.
  • Facebook Lead Ads: Instead of navigating users to a landing page, like LinkedIn’s LeadGen forms, Facebook allows users to fill out the lead generation form on Facebook. Information is prefilled according to the information shared with Facebook and all users have to do is click submit.

Many users don’t want to navigate to landing pages and might not fill out the form. Lead generation forms make the process easier for users, which increases the possibility of them converting into leads.

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Most effective Lead generation tactics using digital marketing

3. SEO

Content marketing is one of the best ways for lead generation using digital marketing. You post and promote relevant and valuable content, which attracts a specific audience. Though it is a long term strategy, which requires time and efforts, SEO generates the most qualified and organic leads.

Once you have a good SEO strategy and it is bringing traffic, the next step is to convert the traffic into leads. Leads can be generated by getting more traffic, as more traffic results in more leads. Other ways are to do A/B testing for your lead generation landing pages, adding reviews or testimonials, or even re-targeting visitors who have visited your website.

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Most effective Lead generation tactics using digital marketing

4. PPC

Pay-Per-Click ads are another effective way to get leads. Using keywords related to your products and services, gets you qualified and targeted traffic to your website. Incorporating ad extensions, adding appropriate CTAs and A/B testing increase the effectiveness of the leads generated. By using PPC ads you can change your strategies to get better leads and know more about them. The downside of using PPC ads for lead generation is that they are quite costlier than other methods of lead generation.

Most effective Lead generation tactics using digital marketing

5. Use your business website

Your company website is one of the main places where lead generation happens. You can encourage visitors to sign up for newsletters or download demos etc. The main thing to note here is that you have to optimize your blog to be able to generate leads successfully. A professional approach is very important for visitors to convert to leads on your business blog. Pay close attention to your website layout, design, fonts, content, CTAs, forms, etc.

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Most effective Lead generation tactics using digital marketing

6. Conduct online discussions/webinars

Online discussions and webinars are an integral part of your lead generation strategy. Not only they offer opportunities for new leads, but also allow you to define your brand, tell people about the products and services and also connect with potential customers. Such events are more likely to convert prospects into leads, which finally convert into customers.

Most effective Lead generation tactics using digital marketing

7. Surveys

Surveys are questionnaires help you collect information about visitors. You can get to know about your customers and know their locations, demographics and other information, which might be useful for you to target your audience. These help you get insights about your audience like their needs, behavior, etc. You can use the information gathered from surveys to create better leads and targeting methods.

These 7 lead generation tactics using digital marketing can boost your efforts to get more leads. An effective lead generation strategy is built on quality content and by understanding the behavior of your target audience. These strategies are the fundamentals of generating highly qualified leads, which will turn into customers in the long run.

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