Today businesses are increasingly wondering about trying out different trending digital marketing tactics to increase their  market presence and reach out to their target audience. One such coming of age trend is that of influencer marketing. If you are wondering about the types and uses of influencer marketing platforms, we present to you a list of the best online influencer marketing platforms available in the market. Use these influencer marketing platforms to make sure that your marketing strategies are targeted and positioned in the right way. 

Influencer Marketing is a term which has arisen from the realisation of the brands about peer influence and customer recommendation in the business of marketing. Since the use of social media is rapidly increasing these days and consumers are more aware and open about their views regarding brands and products, brands take advantage of the realisation that people have been heavily influenced by second-hand information from opinionated leaders. This has led to many brands identifying top influencers in their fields and connecting with them to be able to target their audiences effectively. Know the steps to identify your target audience, in our blog: STEPS TO IDENTIFY THE TARGET AUDIENCE: KNOW WHAT IS MARKET.

1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo takes a unique approach to influencer marketing by prioritizing the content first. In addition to conducting a standard influencer search, you can type in any particular keyword and discover, which influencer is trending the most on that particular topic. BuzzSumo also has a unique system of metrics and reporting to help you connect to other web apps. 

  • Application: BuzzSumo is an ideal option for any and every brand that prioritizes quality of content over quantity. It also comes in handy for finding important influencers in very theme specific audience communities.
  • Ease of use: Buzzsumo can help you find the most popular and trendy content for specific topics. It also includes an easy to use Twitter influencer research tool, wherein you can search both Twitter bios and shared content to find relevant influencers. BuzzSumo is not only popular as a content research platform, but it also includes a powerful “influencer search” feature that lets you search for the trending influencers on any social media platform or location. You can find your influencers either through their bios, following and engagement or the content they share.
  • Platforms Supported: Twitter and Blogs.
  • Pricing: BuzzSumo offers limited searches for free. For unlimited searches and other premium features, its plans start at $99 per month.

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2. AspireIQ

AspireIQ is one of the self service influencer marketing platforms that help marketers manage working with Instagram and YouTube. Enlisted with a database of more than 150,000 influencers who have opted into the system, creators can easily sign up and meet an eligibility criteria to be able to view brands or campaigns, so that the confidentiality and accuracy of the data can be ensured. 

  • Application: Some of the most important uses of influencer marketing platforms include searching for influencers within the database of contact by accepting connection requests from influencers registered on the platform. Besides this feature, the platform has a built in-app workflow to help you manage the entire influencer relationship, campaign performance and other intricate details about the campaign.
  • Ease of use: AspireIQ is suitable for businesses of all sizes and has a variety of features to cater to different business types. AspireIQ also allows customers to enjoy features like managed services, creative production and many more. 
  • Platforms Supported: Instagram and Youtube.
  • Pricing:  The software is available in three tiers: Basic, pro and enterprise. The pricing can be known after requesting for it on the website. 

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HYPR is a comprehensive marketing platform that boasts of a massive database of over 12 million influencers belonging to different specializations and communities. The platform is highly data-driven and offers a great variety of features for customers to choose from, including metrics on influencer influence statistics, audience overlap, economic status specific, audience demographic data from over 30,000 categories and many more campaign specific features. 

  • Application: This platform is best for brands with dedicated influencer marketing teams and high-budget campaigns. The platform has large scale operations and a wide array of clients as it maintains the index of over 1 billion social media accounts and provides brands with the access to the database of more than million influencers worldwide to suit them as per their requirement.
  • Ease of use: One of the advantages of using influencer marketing platforms is that it offers real-time social analytics that gives brands access to audience preferences, demographics, geographic data and more. The platform has services like direct contact information for brands and dedicated account managers to assist you in brand related services.
  • Platforms Supported: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.
  • Pricing: The pricing can be known after requesting on their website.

4. Fourstarzz Media 

Fourstarzz Media platform specifically caters to the needs of small and medium-sized companies. They have a strong focus on nano and micro influencers and maintain an excellent database related to the same. 

  • Application: While maintaining an inventory of more than 750,000 influencers, the platform allows brands to filter the influencers based on their requirement of location, channel, gender, etc. The inventory report that is maintained is very comprehensive and includes follower quality ratings, audience details and many more features. Their filter has multiple options for their clients to choose from including demographics, location, language, estimated budget, interests, reach, engagement, etc.
  • Ease of use: One of the uses of influencer marketing platforms is that the platform’s search allows you to control your campaign progress by searching hashtags as per the requirement of your brand, track performance using the in-app campaign tracking tool and many other features. Fourstarzz Media is known in its industry to offer the highest value for the lowest price. What makes it immensely user friendly is that its subscription is monthly based and cancelable anytime.
  • Platforms Supported: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter & Blogs.
  • Pricing: The monthly plan starts at $59/mo while the annual plan costs $531/yr. The annual cost comes out to be more or less the same as the monthly costs combined. 

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5. NeoReach

NeoReach is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform that is known for providing influencer marketing agency services to brands like Tik Tok. The platform is not only feature-rich, but also helps brands connect to other SaaS applications using it’s open API. 

  • Application: Brands that are still in the primitive stages can take advantage of NeoReach’s agency services and create influencer campaigns to help them launch campaigns that are effective and target the right set of people. Well off brands can also use this feature laden marketing platform to manage their already-established influencer marketing programs and enhance them further using the expertise and direction provided by the platform. 
  • Ease of use: Unlike other platforms, NeoReach puts no exclusivity limits on the talent pool maintains as it’s powerful search engine allows brands to filter searches across multiple criteria to suit them best as per their requirement. Companies can also effectively manage all their influencer relationships through NeoReach, including creating campaign briefs, influencer approval, target audience positioning, managing payments, etc.
  • Platforms Supported: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube & Snapchat.
  • Pricing: Available for a free trial period followed by a subscription for $399/month. 

After brands identify influencers to suit them as per their needs and requirements, it becomes important for them to connect with them in a proper manner with a well thought out plan of action, which is not too commercial but at the same time helps the brand to connect with audiences. Influencer marketing is estimated to be one of the most rapidly growing online customer acquisition tools that are being employed by brands to reach out to their customers in an appealing manner. It is also likely to open up more natural and convenient means for brands in terms of audience engagement and brand awareness. So, get started with developing your business’s plans for incorporating influencers in your marketing strategies right away so they can help you with creating blooming and lasting relationships with your target audiences.


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