With the usage of mobiles on the rise, mobile marketing has become a necessary part of the digital marketing startegies of numerous businesses. It creates opportunities to connect with clients in new and engaging ways. But do you know, which strategy will improve the user experience, while simultaneously boosting sales and customer engagement? In this post, we have mentioned some mobile marketing techniques that will help you with conversions and customer engagement.

Mobile marketing is the promotion of products or services through mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile marketing has many techniques to complement the overall marketing strategy. Depending upon an organization’s goals for the campaign, some techniques work better than the others. The following strategies will help you to boost business sales through cell phone promotion techniques and increase engagement.

1. Develop a user-friendly mobile app

80 to 90% of smartphone users’ time is spent on apps. Apps are an effective way to approach customers in a direct, user-friendly manner. To promote a business using mobile marketing techniques, develop an app that is engaging and compels customers to use it. You can use the app to share videos, blogs, expert tips, list your latest products, answer their questions, and keep them engaged. Mobile apps provide a better way of selling, purchasing, providing customer support, etc.

2. Create mobile-friendly websites

More than 50% of the search queries in 2017 were done on mobiles. Many people now use mobile devices to read blogs, look up reviews, and search for information regarding a brand or product. Search engines also use mobile-friendliness as a factor to rank websites. Thus, it is very important to create a mobile-friendly website. This can be done by creating a responsive web design that changes the content based on screen-width, screen-orientation, and resolution. To know about mobile SEO, read our blog: MOBILE SEO: HOW TO ENSURE THE BEST USER EXPERIENCE FOR MOBILE USERS.

3. Use of Google mobile app campaigns

For mobile apps, Google ads (Adwords) provides marketers with three types of advertising campaigns. These campaigns are the best way to boost business sales through cell phone promotion techniques. The campaigns that are available are:

  • Universal app campaign: Universal app campaigns allow advertisers to promote apps on google search, google play, YouTube, and Google display network. For universal app campaigns, advertisers provide google with text, starting bid and budget, languages, and locations for the ads. Google then uses the text ideas and information from the app store listing to create ads. Such ads are best suited for driving downloads, in-app actions, or in-app purchases.
  • Mobile-app installs campaign: Mobile-app installs ads aim to boost installations of your app. The text ads include the app logo, name, description, and app store rating. Video ads are also shown on YouTube and the Google display network. These ads allow viewers to either download the app or link them to the app store listing.
  • Mobile app engagement campaign: These ads are aimed at increasing a user’s engagement with the mobile app. The ads encourage users who have downloaded the apps to use it, take an in-app action, try new features, etc. Read more about the benefits of advertising on Google Ads, in our blog: ADVERTISING ON GOOGLE ADS: BENEFITS AND WORKING.

4. Use QR codes

Include scannable QR codes as they are an easy way to provide information to mobile users. QR codes can be used to offer a coupon, provide information about products and services, comparison of products, take them to a landing page or contact form, etc. QR codes provide a seamless way to promote business using mobile marketing.

5. SMS marketing

SMS marketing is one of the widely used mobile marketing techniques. With an open rate of 98% and a CTR of 36%, it is an effective way of promotion. SMS marketing can be used to conduct surveys, distribute discount coupons, send purchase receipts, publicize sales, send reminders, etc. Read about bulk SMS and Email marketing, in our blog: BULK SMS AND EMAIL MARKETING: A COST-EFFECTIVE STRATEGY.

As more and more customers turn to mobile devices, businesses must know how to implement mobile marketing techniques to effectively reach out to the audience. Mobile marketing allows businesses to provide timely, direct communication and make the user experience better and easier. By following the above techniques to promote business using mobile marketing, your marketing efforts will bring in better results.


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