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Are you curious about the internal structure of a good publicity agency? There are many roles to play when it comes to how do PR companies work. A huge portion of the success of businesses worldwide is indebted to the role of top PR companies. To know more about the functions of a PR company, keep reading. 

A good publicity agency, unlike an ad agency, promotes and markets a company with the help of editorial coverage. People refer to it as “earned” or “free” media which is brought out to the audience by means of stories appearing on websites, newspapers, magazines and TV programs. Advertising is a ‘paid’ media. PR agencies include analyzing and interpreting public behavior when it comes to a certain brand or company so that its good will can be promoted among the masses. Here are a few paid roles of top PR companies:

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Setting Objectives for the Client

One of the top functions of good publicity agency is to help the company set clear cut objectives for itself before getting it through to the public. Why was the company founded? What does it want to achieve? What operations does it perform? It includes letting the public know about the company’s mission statement, products, services and how those products will be brought to the market. All the details that could affect public opinion is put into perspective. 

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Writing Press Releases

A major role of top PR companies- big or small, is to write press releases for the public. Press releases are information that the company has handed over to the agency. As a business-owner, one of the ways to judge the capability of a press release agency is to request for press release samples and study them against Associated Press style guidelines. If it incites a positive impression of the organization then the job has been done well. Therefore, writing attractive press releases is one of the hallmarks of a good publicity agency. Our blog on WRITE IMPRESSIVE CONTENT: 6 WAYS TO BUILD FRIENDLY RELATIONS WITH THE READERS will help you more for the same.

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Maintaining Relationships with News Agencies

One of the vital roles of a good publicity agency is to maintain cordial relationships with news agencies. When it comes to the question of how do PR companies work, news agencies are like the life force. Journalists and reporters are no strangers to PR agencies. PR professionals act as a bridge conveying company information to news agencies. The information should be seen as if it is coming directly from the company without a third party PR presence. They are the spokesperson for the company/ business. They also help the company get in touch with the right journalist/ news association. At times, during press interviews, a member of the PR team can help the company CEO answer questions in order to maintain the goodwill of the company. Don’t forget to read our blog on ‘GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS – AN INDISPENSABLE PART OF WORK‘ to know why communication skills are essential for a Public Relations Officer.

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Managing Social Media Presence

One of the top functions of good publicity agency is to help the company manage its social media platforms. The representation of the business online is a delicate matter. The PR team should have access to its blog, Facebook page or Twitter profile. Social media directly connects the company to the audience. A PR gets ultimate freedom while controlling the company’s social media page because it does not have to adhere to news format or worry about appearing biased on behalf of the client. Social media marketing is the foremost way to increase brand awareness.

Any good publicity agency- big or small- is responsible for the functions mentioned above. Combined efforts of advertising agencies and the top PR companies ensure the success of the business. They both help the company in conveying its message to the public but their methods of approach differ vastly. They both form an effective face and voice for the client they represent. You should also go through our blog on ONLINE PR TECHNIQUES VS TRADITIONAL PR METHODS to know more about PR practices.


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