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Communication skills are very essential to convey one’s ideas and thoughts. It is basically a two-way process to reach a mutual understanding. Especially in the workplace, where interacting with people is so important, the importance of good communication cannot be emphasized enough. This blog will help you develop communication skills. Here we prove you that good communication skill is an indispensable part of work.

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Communication is multifaceted; it involves both verbal and non-verbal cues. It is very crucial in the workplace. There are times when one’s words might get misconstrued and that person might fail to convey his/her thoughts effectively. In the workplace, one has to develop communication skills in order to interact well with co-workers and superiors. Good communication skills will help you get hired, increase your chances of getting a promotion and ensure growth in your career. Isn’t this a good motivator to learn communication skills? Good communicators undoubtedly have higher self-esteem and are able to influence people.

Develop communication skills with these simple rules:

Good Communication skills - An Indispensable part of work Sync your body language and words

Sync your body language and words

Your body movements and posture should complement what you are trying to say. You shouldn’t forget that our non-verbal cues communicate a lot more than our words. The way you listen, move or use facial expression tells the other person how interested you are in the communication process. Good communication skills are necessary for getting success in life.

Keep in mind that non-verbal communication can’t be faked! So you better learn to consider what people have got to say. Superiors, while speaking, should use gestures and facial expressions to convey their message. That way, it is more convincing for the employees. Employees may seem disinterested if they keep acknowledging their phone, giving neutral expressions etc.

Good Communication skills - An Indispensable part of work Eye contact

Eye contact

Maintaining eye contact is the foundation if anyone wishes to develop communication skills. It demonstrates focus and interest. Employers notice if the candidate is making eye contact or not during an interview. It shows loyalty and truthfulness of the person. It is really important to maintain eye contact with your superiors and co-workers to build trust.

Eye contact is pivotal in order to develop good communication skills, for it says how attentive you are. Next time you see anyone avoiding your gaze, know that s/he is uninterested. While learning to communicate properly, never miss the importance of maintaining eye contact.

Good Communication skills - An Indispensable part of work Speak slowly

Speak slowly

It is very important that you learn how to speak with patience and clarity. If you keep ranting then there are high chances of your words being misunderstood by the other party. So, it might be a good idea to reduce your pace and help the other person connect with your thoughts. Slow speakers sound more fluent and professional.

Be careful not to slow yourself too much while speaking. You don’t want to bore the other person, right? In the workplace, the managers should try not to bore their employees by talking too slow or leave them baffled with their fast talk.

The best way to develop your communication skills is by being your own judge. If you feel you have no idea what you are speaking, then there is a scope for improvement.

Good Communication skills - An Indispensable part of work Listen to other people

Listen to other people

The art of listening is very essential to be a good communicator. Majority of people concentrate on speaking than giving heed to what the other party has to say. This is a big lose-lose situation. Neither you try to understand, nor are your words taken seriously by the other person.

This is a common barrier in most organizations, and the main reason for the conflict between superiors and subordinates. It is very important to listen without interrupting. Often employees and their recruiters have their own judgment about each other. Therefore, one should do away with all preconceived notions to develop communication skills.

Learn communication by understanding how to be a careful listener.

Good Communication skills - An Indispensable part of work Add humor

Add humor

Humor establishes a connection between the speaker and the listener. It creates a light environment comforting both the parties and easing their communication process. A tensed organization always struggles with good communication and management. The workplace will be much more productive if employees and their superiors have friendly interactions.

Serious and strict superiors scare the employees and discourage them to communicate their issues. The communication, more or less, becomes one-way. Both the employees and their managers must add little humor while communicating in order to understand each other’s problems.

Superiors should be a mix of both strict and funny.

Good Communication skills - An Indispensable part of work Greet the other person

Greet the other person

Learning to say ‘hello’, ‘nice to see you’ or wishing ‘good morning’ and ‘good evening’ is a great idea. You should know the right greeting for every situation. When you show interest in others, they will show interest in you. Greeting people means that you are concerned about them.

When employees greet their employers, it creates a good impression. But be sure that you mean it. Don’t try to fake it! Superiors, on the other hand, can encourage their employees by wishing them. A simple appreciation such as ‘well done’ or ‘keep up the good work’ will motivate the employees to work more.

Learning the art of appreciation is the key to develop good communication skills.

Importance of good communication skills stretches to all fields of life. You now know how to enhance your communication abilities and use it to your advantage at work. Having good communication skills will enhance your professional image and boost your career.

Today almost all organizations know, that to become successful they need good communicators at all levels in their workplace. Click here to go through the top 10 studies done on the importance of communication skills by INLP center.

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