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Public relations is the art and science of managing the relationship between an organization and its stakeholders. With the corporate world booming, the career prospects of a public relations specialist is at its peak. The career in public relations is very bright given the growing importance of networking. This blog aims to highlight the various career opportunities of a public relations executive and their scope in the future.

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If you are wondering about your future in PR, you have landed at the right place. The main function of a public relations specialist is to create beneficial relations with the public. The objective of PR is to maintain positive reputation of the organisation and make it look relevant. The professionals in this area promote the brand by using editorial content, TV programs, blogs, news channels, etc. This blog discusses the various types of public relations, skills and qualifications required for a career in public relations, and its scope.


Types of public relations

The main motive of public relations is to increase the reputation of the organization and stay in touch with its stakeholders. This will lead to a positive reputation for the brand. Public relations is different from advertising and has its own branches. According to the functions of a public relations specialist, it can be divided into the following types:

  • Media Relations: It deals with maintaining relationship with the media organizations and acting as their content source.
  • Investor Relations: This area deals with the relationship with investors such as handling investor events, looking after their needs, releasing financial statements, media queries, etc.
  • Government Relations: It deals with maintaining contact with the government with respect to CSR activities, consumer protection, standard wages, etc.
  • Community Relations: It ensures the popularity of the brand by engaging in social service such as education or environment protection.
  • Internal Relations: It engages in counselling the employees with regard to policies, course of action, code of conduct, etc. Through this process, the employees are taught how to cooperate during product launches and events.
  • Customer Relations: This area handles the relationship of the organisation with its target market. Professionals in this area of work conduct market research to know more about the tastes and preferences of the customers.
  • Marketing Communications: It is responsible for holding activities such as campaigns, brand awareness, product launch, etc.


Qualities of public relations specialists

  • Understanding people: If you wish to pursue a job as a public relations executive, you should know how to deal with people. The job demands the ability to understand the needs of the people and deliver them the services accordingly. You should know how to connect with the right people and avoid wrong ones. Career in public relations is very beneficial for those who are good in interacting with people.
  • Good marketing skills: A good public relations specialist should have excellent marketing skills. You should have an audience-minded perspective in order to know the needs of the stakeholders. Creativity is the key to progress in this field. You should know how to represent your brand and come up with innovative ideas to increase its goodwill. In order to do well in public relations career, marketing skills are a must. Take a quick go-through by reading our blog: ‘A brief guide for quick marketing training’.
  • Persuasive and convincing: In order to perform good in the job, as a public relations executive, you should be very convincing and persuasive. You must know how to handle people and know there needs. In order to excel in this field you ought to have excellent compelling abilities. People will have a bad notion about your brand if you fail to convince them properly.
  • Excellent communication skills: Communication skills are indispensable if you wish to have a career in public relations. Interpersonal and communication skills have a huge impact on how you deal with your stakeholders. Public relations specialist is also expected to be very confident and assertive. Strong communication skills are a good relationship builder. If you are an aspirant of a career in public relations, you should also be comfortable with public speaking.


Qualifications needed to pursue Public relations

The job as a public relations executive is exciting, with its demand increasing due to the increase in the importance of networking. Although there are no specific qualifications needed for a public relations specialist, employers prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree. Many people who enter this field are from journalism, mass communication, public relations, marketing or advertising background. A lot of educational institutions are now providing specific courses to groom public relations aspirants.


Scope of Public Relations

The PR industry has grown a lot since the 90s and has come a long way. It has very promising and competitive career opportunities. There is a lot of scope in public relations and it demands skilled professionals. Trained and experienced professionals are the need of the hour, who can adjust in this world of networking. A lot of educational institutions are providing a degree in public relations, keeping in view its escalating demand. Internship opportunities are also popping up, which further enhances its scope and exposure. A career in public relations has a bright future to say overall.

PR strategies are used to convey the motive of the brand. They are used to send positive messages, which are in line with the brand’s value. Today companies are mostly depended on PR professionals to connect with their customers. Plan your career wisely and do give a thought about public relations!


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