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The use of technology in marketing agencies has led to an ocean of change in recent times. There are a vast number of software used in ad agencies for a variety of purposes. Without technology, marketing and campaigning are impossible dreams. We have listed below, five major changes brought about by the technological tools in advertising agencies. 

Television and radio are not the only means of advertising and campaigning these days. Most of the advertising depends on the use of technologies in marketing agencies. Technological tools in advertising agencies have moved things forward in the speed of light. The advertising landscape has evolved so much in the past twenty years. Here is a list of revolutions that had been caused by software used in ad agencies. 

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1. Target Individuals

With the current advancements in the use of technology in marketing agencies, marketers have become more and more focused on selecting their target audience. Data has given them access to the likes, interests and location of target customers. This has led to the making of personalized ads (on platforms like Facebook), individualized email marketing, efficient direct mailing systems, and so on. Specialized technology marketing agencies have started making use of intelligent digital signage, delivering dynamic visual information.

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2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the software used in ad agencies. It provides useful metrics, numbers and insights when marketers make strategies. It helps the agencies make better ads and become more efficient in targeting audiences. AI can be used in translating search queries and coming up with relevant results. It helps in optimizing one’s content online. The wide use of AI in marketing and advertising agencies, has also increased the demand of technically competent personnel. Apart from the highly technical skills required by the employers, there are some basic technical competencies that can’t be overlooked. To know more about basic technical competencies that employers look for, visit our blog on: 5 ESSENTIAL TECHNICAL COMPETENCIES SOUGHT BY EMPLOYERS.

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3. Data

All technological tools in advertising agencies function on the collection and interpretation of data. It leads to the success of marketing campaigns and product promotions. This means the agencies can create customized marketing plans for targeting the right audience. Data analytics can also be used in interpreting the success or progress of a campaign. It offers scales and metrics to measure KPIs and ROIs. Data provides marketers with a sea of opportunities, all thanks to the use of technologies in marketing agencies.

4. Augmented Reality

When it comes to the use of technologies in marketing agencies, augmented reality has caused a drastic fascination among marketers. It has become a worldwide phenomenon. Augmented reality refers to combining the real world with a virtual one, by superimposing the virtual onto someone’s real-life surroundings. It is being used widely by marketers for formulating strategies

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5. The Cloud

The cloud enables marketers to manage content, organize data, and collaborate on projects. It helps them stretch campaigns to different platforms in social media and search engines. The technological tools in advertising agencies help marketers keep their staff in check and become more organized. It stores customer data and makes it accessible to all the people in the team, irrespective of their location. This encourages international marketing and collaborations.

Advertising is not what it used to be, thanks to the use of technology in marketing agencies. Most of it is data-driven and software-made. Ad agencies are relying more and more on software used in ad agencies. It is the duty of an advertiser/ marketer to keep up with the latest trends. Otherwise, they will drown in a whole ocean of competitors.


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