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How do we define success? A person is successful by a lot of things. For many people, only money is a success. For many, a higher position is a success. Different people define success differently. But the right measure of success is your true knowledge, are your true competencies, and your true caliber that you can define. Money and other things automatically flow together. In this blog, we have discussed the essential factors that are required to work in a top advertising agency. We have specifically taken the example of our agency, Uni Square Concepts to share with you the secrets of inside functioning and provide a better overview.

To earn money, you need to be successful, and to be successful, you need a lot of things. You will have to work hard. You will have to stay loyal. You will have to stay dedicated. You will have to be resilient, which is written in “The Unparalleled Roadmap; Handbook to get your dream job, authored by our CEO, Uday Sonthalia. It is very easy to back out. Standing firm in difficult times and facing challenges is an art. Only the person who stands firm during difficult times is valued. Every team member of Uni Square Concepts is loyal and dedicated to the organization and its careers. This happens because we have made such a work culture. We will describe about the culture later and will also elaborate about the requirements for working in a top advertising agency. Today is your first day in Uni Square Concepts, and you are asked to read this blog first. This blog is very important. We are professionals in our field. We have a goodwill in the market about which you will learn soon.

Before we proceed, let us embark on an adventure! Let’s assume that you have been given the golden opportunity of working with Uni Square Concepts and today is your first day at work! Everything mentioned henceforth, will make you directly feel the experience and get yourself inducted in Uni Square Concepts!!

Overview Of the induction process OF UNI SQUARE CONCEPTS

To make you understand what is our goodwill, what is our culture and how we work; we have made an entire induction process, which continues for two days. In these two days, you will have to invest your mind, energy, body, soul, heart, and brain. So that you get to know about the company, of which you are becoming a part of. We receive hundreds of applications on a daily basis. You have been selected from the hundreds of applications, So you are one in a hundred. You should be proud of that. You will further get to know what opportunities and scope lie for you ahead. Therefore, you will have to read each and everything properly to understand the requirements for working in a top advertising agency. You should not miss out on any blog or any point described in this process. You are sitting on a gold mine, and you don’t even know the opportunity that you have and are missing out. So, now you will be going through a series of blogs, data, content, and a lot of other things. Every blog is very important. You have to read every blog twice, thrice, and even more so that you are well versed with what is being said. You have to make notes of each and everything. We have made a different blog on how to make notes.

Overview of the CEO of Uni Square concepts

After reading all the blogs our honorable CEO would be personally welcoming you. You should go through his background. Mr. Uday Sonthalia is the founder and CEO of our company. He has years of experience. Numerous people have trained under him. You have to be very dynamic to work with him because he is working at a very good stature. His knowledge, expertise, and caliber are unprecedented. With his guidance, you will gain immense knowledge. The enthusiasm with which he will guide you and support you through your journey will help you grow at an unprecedented pace. Your association with Uni Square Concepts will give you value if you are there for a long period of time.

No paperbacks at all

Comprehensive Selection process

We receive hundreds of applications. Many people strive to get into Uni Square Concepts. Our selection process is also very comprehensive. This process is made in place to uphold our systems, our culture, and goodwill. We are known for our professionalism, spick and span culture, systems, and impeccable way of working. You should be proud of this. You have to stay up to our reputation. But you don’t have to be egoistic. Ego is a thing that is not acceptable in Uni Square Concepts. You will be briefed about the requirements of working in a top advertising agency in detail soon.

Overview of facilities

There will be a lot of facilities that you will be enjoying, which you will be briefed about, in the coming videos. However, there are some basic requirements for working in a top advertising agency that you should already be aware of. They will also be discussed in the coming blogs. You have to go through each and everything. You should know about all the services of the company. You should be aware of what all the services are. We have multiple verticals.

Overview of our services and other verticals

Apart from advertising, our CEO has also written a book “The Unparalleled Roadmap”. You should know about this. We also have a blog, which is an entire content marketing portal, The Uni Square Blog. We also conduct an annual award function “The Uni Square Awards”. Top personalities have graced that function, over the years. You should be aware of this. You should know everything about our goodwill among the clients, the work quality that we provide, and our work portfolio. You have to know everything, whatever is there about the company. Once you are familiar with what the company is about and you are able to truly understand everything in detail, then we will be confident, and you will truly be inducted as a member of Uni Square Concepts. You will be in a position to carry the baton of Uni Square Concepts and the brand name that we have, forward.

This brand name has been built up by the dedicated efforts of our CEO Mr. Uday Sonthalia, and the dedicated efforts of a lot of other people who are there working with the company right now and who have worked in the company in the past. Everyone. Each one of these people has spent countless days, hours, weeks, months, and then they have made Uni Square Concepts what it is. We started from a one-room office and reached this position by determination, integrity, and hard work.

Strong work Ethics 

We believe in ethics, etiquette. We don’t delay anything. We never delay anyone’s payments. We give the salaries timely. These things will give you an overview of our company. However, you would be discussing these things in detail in the coming blogs. So, Brace yourself. Sit properly. Keep your back straight. Make your chair proper. Keep your pen and paper in front of you. Be prepared and then proceed on with the further videos or the steps mentioned to you in the document given to you to learn about requirements of working in a top advertising agency.

Secondly, if you are not able to understand what is being said in this blog. Read it twice. Read it again. So, best of luck, and Welcome to Uni Square Concepts! The first step is to take notes, and then the CEO will formally welcome you. We wish you a long, successful, and prosperous journey with Uni Square Concepts that you can cherish. May the company be able to grow with your hard work, and efforts and if the company grows, automatically that growth will come back to you in terms of your promotions, your perks, your increments, your commissions, your incentives, your power, your knowledge, and other things. Uni Square Concepts is what you make out of it. You are what Uni Square Concepts is. Wherever you will go and say ‘I have worked in Uni Square Concepts’ then your value will be as big as the name of the company. Best of luck, and please read this blog once again to completely understand the requirements of working in a top advertising agency. It’s not about if you are not understanding. It is a very complex thing. A lot of things have been told please read this blog again, and only once you read it two to three times then proceed to the other blogs.


Uni Square Concepts is an advertising agency located in New Delhi, India. By initiating The Uni Square Blog, we aim to provide a comprehensive portal where readers can educate themselves about the various aspects of advertising and marketing. The articles and blogs are written by our professional team of content writers, under the guidance of senior leaders of Uni Square Concepts including its CEO, Uday Sonthalia.