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What are the exact qualities of the best creative directors? Not every person in a creative agency is destined to be a creative director. The skills of an advertising professional in the creative department have to be developed over time. To know about the top traits of art directors of ad agencies, keep reading.

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The qualities of the best creative directors have a lot to do with leadership qualities and courage. It is not easy to manage a group of creative individuals or manage the expectations set by the management. Apart from managing their core responsibilities pertaining to the creative side of advertising, there are a lot of other things that creative directors of ad agencies do. As part of the top traits of art directors of ad agencies, one has to deal with creative challenges, miscommunication, ego clashes and so on. Here are some of the most necessary skills of a top level advertising professional.

6. Communication Skills

One of the most important qualities of the best creative directors is communication skills. All good creative directors are not just visionaries, but are unmatched communicators. A lot of it involves understanding what the clients want and need. Another aspect includes communicating this bit of information to the creative team. This is essential for the production of good work and striking a balance between what the client demands and what the creative team can do. To gain more insight into communication skills, read our blog on GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS: AN INDISPENSABLE PART OF WORK.

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5. Out-of-the-box Thinking

Another one of the qualities of the best creative directors includes having an out-of-the-box approach towards things. Uniqueness is something that is both valued and appreciated in the creative world. It is what the client expects. A good art director puts his own spin to the designs to make it unique among a sea of generic adverts. Millions of adverts come out every day and it is up to the creative team to set the client’s brand apart from the competition.

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4. Leadership Qualities

The creative team relies on teamwork. They look up to the creative director for leadership and guidance. It falls upon the skills of an advertising professional in this position to show leadership skills. He/ she should be an excellent manager and a complete team player. It involves assigning works to people and having a thorough knowledge of what each member of the team is good at. It involves keeping track of every project and offering guidance, advice and encouragement, wherever needed. A creative director needs to keep every other person in his/ her department in line so that the proceedings of projects go smoothly. Read and know more about teamwork in our blog: 5 PROVEN WAYS TO IMPROVE TEAMWORK AT WORKPLACE.

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3. Decision-making Skills

A creative director faces a new challenge at every point in his/ her journey. People look up to him/ her to make decisions on the most serious of matters. One of the top traits of art directors of ad agencies includes decision-making abilities. He/ she should have the courage and conviction to make decisions without much second-guessing. Self-confidence can be a key factor when it comes to decision-making. However, snap judgments should be avoided. Every decision should be weighed in with logic, researched and analyzed before finalizing.

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2. Experience

All creative directors should have a ton of experience that backs up their self-confidence and decision-making. It is one of the top traits of art directors of ad agencies. They are the people who have been in the business for a long time and know the business inside out. Newbies do not get this job. It takes a lot of hard work, conviction, and time to get this job and even more work to excel at it.


1. Technical Proficiency

It is of utmost importance for the art directors to be proficient with the software and equipment that are used to produce the creative work. The creative director or the art director of an advertising agency should be aware of the technological software and/ or hardware that concern his area of work. For example, an art director responsible for getting print ads designed should be well versed with software like Photohop, Illustrator, etc. only then would he be able to guide and supervise his team members. Similarly, a creative director responsible for shooting/ directing an ad film should have basic knowledge of the cameras and equipment to confidently oversee the shoot.

Without the skills of a top advertising professional in the creative team, the smooth and effective running of the agency is not possible. To judge a particular creative director, one needs to look at these particular qualities of the best creative directors. Without these qualities, the ad agency is not capable to produce good work. It is either a hit or a miss. Know more about why experience is important in our blog: HERE’S WHY EMPLOYERS SEARCH FOR RELEVANT WORK EXPERIENCE.


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