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Technical competencies are required more than a skill. No employer would want to employ a technologically illiterate person. Therefore, it’s better for you to be aware of basic technical skills. This blog talks about three major topics: Technical competencies sought by employers, Technical skills required for a job and the Basic technical skills.

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Firstly let us start with understanding why are technical skills required for a job. Having the knowledge of basic technical skills is indispensable in the workplace. These are used on a daily basis while talking to a client or while doing routine work. There is no excuse to be ignorant about these simple technical skills. In fact, you must be having these skills before joining your job. Let us now club and talk around the topics, ‘technical competency sought by employers’ along with the ‘basic technical skills’ in general:


1. Knowledge about Microsoft office

Ms Office helps you to perform your daily works flawlessly. It is filled with numerous shortcut keys and methods, which make it easier to run important tasks. Such technical competency is sought by employers to increase the quality of work and complete it faster. On the other hand, MS Office is very simple and easy to use. All of its features are continuously improved with each release. Some of its uses in the professional world include preparing databases in MS Access, making layout documents in MS Publisher etc.


2. Learn how to write and reply to emails

In professional life, you have to contact your seniors, colleagues, and clients regularly. Professional talks are not done via text messages. Talking over the phone is not that convenient as nobody has so much time to take calls. In such a case, a more secure and trustworthy channel is used i.e, emails. Here are some elements that you should consider while writing formal email letters.

Out of all the technical skills required for a job, the most important is being able to communicate properly through emails. Basic technical knowledge is extremely crucial, otherwise you will feel crippled in this corporate set up, which today operates with the help of technology.


3. Specifications about calling

Many organizations rely on cell phones, smartphones or digital voice technology to keep in touch with their stakeholders. But Landlines phones are also still in use. While using any such devices, you must have the basic skills as well as technical knowledge about how to use it. Things like keeping the call on hold, talking to a number of people, transferring the call etc are required to be done on a daily basis. When you are appointed for an administrative job in an organization, you are required to have the right abilities. This is one of the important technical skill that is required in a job.


4. Use of computer accessories

You should be well aware of the important accessories that you have to deal with, while working on a computer. The mere knowledge of their existence is not enough. The basic technical skills, in which you need to be good at, are like operating a printer or a scanner, using a pen drive or hard drive, connecting to a projector etc. To understand the importance of computer literacy in the job, check out our blog on Computer Literacy: a prerequisite for most jobs.


5. Knowledge of important software

You should know about the important software that is used in companies on a regular basis. Such software ease the doing of work and ensure that it stays safe. Be well equipped with the basic technical skills, have a know-how about the accounting software, blogging tools such as WordPress, backup and recovery software etc. You know by now, why technical competency is sought by employers. Nowadays people won’t even ask, they will just assume that you know the technical skills required for a job. The above-mentioned software are the basic ones and your ignorance about them won’t land you in a good place.

By now, you must have got some idea about the basic technical competencies sought by employers in general. Also read our blog on Essential traits that Indian recruiters search in their employees. The need for technical knowledge has boomed over the past few years. The level of work and its complexity is increasing and manual work won’t help in such a situation. Therefore, try to equip yourself with the basic technical skills required to succeed in getting a job.

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