Display advertising has been a low performing digital marketing tactic as compared to other paid search campaigns. This is mainly due to the fact that most business owners do not understand the full potential of display advertising. Most of the times these campaigns are set up and left to run. This is a huge mistake as like any other digital advertising method, the key to display advertising lies in optimisation. This post mentions seven tips that can be used to enhance Google display advertising campaigns.

Google runs ads on two networks, the search network and the display network. When placing advertisements in the search network, the ads appear in the search engine result pages. The Google display network allows users to place display advertisements on a network of sites across the internet, along with Google owned properties like YouTube and blogger.


What is a display ad?

A display ad is a visual banner which appears on websites or apps as images, videos, texts, etc. Display advertising is the process of buying ad space on the web. It is mainly used to boost brand awareness, promote events, product launches and to boost conversions. A display ad is more effective because it allows users to interact with the advertisement. Read in detail about Google display advertising v/s Facebook display advertising, in our blog: GOOGLE DISPLAY ADVERTISING VS FACEBOOK DISPLAY ADVERTISING.

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What are display ads used for?

There are many ways to use display ads based on the target audience and what kind of action you want them to take. You can use display ads for remarketing, membership programs, seasonal sales, for offering discounts, to get leads, to get people to subscribe to your newsletter, etc. According to Google, the display network reaches over 90% of the internet users. Therefore you can easily get more visibility with Google ads when you use the display network to run ads.

Advertising on google ads: Benefits and Working cost effective

Tips for cost effective display marketing on Google display ads

  1. Remarketing: When it comes to display advertising, remarketing can boost the performance and results. By using display advertisements for remarketing, marketers can show relevant ads to the consumer to re-engage them.
  2. Don’t overlayer: There are many ways to target your audience while implementing display advertising. With the wide reach and diverse websites used, it’s essential to target properly. However, many marketers make the mistake of overlayering methods of targeting like keywords, placement, interests etc. Overlaying can reduce reach and have a negative impact on the results.
  3. Create dynamic ads: Dynamic ads can drive engagement and improve marketing experience for the audience. Dynamic ads allow advertisers show ads to the audience in real time and allow users to interact with the ads. These ads give more power to the consumer. This thus, drives qualified traffic and improves conversion rates.
  4. Link to relevant landing pages: Create custom landing pages for each of your ad campaign. If after clicking a display ad, prospects are taken to a home page, it will significantly reduce the conversions. To enhance Google display advertising campaigns create a dedicated landing page for your ads.
  5. Use other advertising channels: Like any other strategy, to get more visibility with Google ads, cross promote through other advertising channels. This offers consistency, compels prospects to take an action and also provides insights to marketers.
  6. Experiment with different ad formats: Using different ad formats and sizes helps to do cost effective display marketing on Google Display Ads. Experiment with different ad sizes for campaigns. Larger ad sizes perform better and using 4 or 5 ad formats reduces cost.
  7. Testing: To keep track of the impact of advertisements, you need to test them. It is crucial to run A/B tests on advertisements before they are released. Find out which combinations work best in driving engagement. You can test all elements like the layout, images, text, headings, CTAs, etc.


The key to enhance Google display advertising campaigns is to create engaging and visually appealing ads which effectively convey the value proposition. Consumer insights, product data and other metrics like CTR, website traffic, conversion rates, etc can be used to create more efficient display ads which will give better results.


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