Not every visitor that comes to a website will convert into a customer. Retargeting helps you to target those people who have visited your website and expressed interest in your products. Retargeting has been growing substantially, and a number of platforms are available that help you to do so. This post talks about the top retargeting ads platforms to drive sales through digital media.

Retargeting, also called remarketing, is a form of advertising which is aimed at website visitors who did not convert on your website. A majority of people do not convert on their initial visit to a website. So, remarketing not only allows businesses to reinforce brand awareness, but is also a great tool to get visitors to convert. Retargeting is quite beneficial as it increases conversion rates, improves ROI, and captures your target audience. There are a number of third party platforms that allow marketers to set up effective retargeting campaigns. These platforms not only allow you to display ads online, but also handle technical components of retargeting like cookies to keep track of visitors.

Here is a list of the top retargeting ads platforms to drive sales:

1. Google Ads (AdWords) remarketing

Google Ads is a great option for advertisers who have a Google Ads (AdWords) account. It is limited to the Google display network. So you can display your retargeting ads and re-engage the audience through YouTube, android apps or when they visit websites which are part of the Google display network. A remarketing campaign can be set up easily from the Google Ads account. First, you have to choose who would be shown the ads by creating a remarketing list. You can target people on the basis of their actions, time of visit or the page they landed on. Next, you have to create a new campaign and then add the remarketing tag to your website. This will display ads online to people who have visited your website. To know the tips to create the most effective YouTube ads, read our blog: TIPS FOR CREATING THE MOST EFFECTIVE YOUTUBE ADS.

2. Retargeter

Retargeter is counted as one of the best platforms to run online ads for remarketing. It is great for websites with a large number of unique visitors per month. They offer a number of remarketing solutions which include CRM retargeting, email retargeting, search retargeting, site retargeting, etc. Ads can be created according to demographic factors, geographic factors or intent of the customers. They offer a variety of options to retarget customers which include website visitors, those who have viewed newsletters or people who engage with you on social media. You can even choose the frequency in which your retargeting ads appear to the target audience. The starting price is $1,500 a month and all campaigns are managed by an account manager. It is a bit costly but it brings in more conversions because of a targeted approach. 

3. Facebook retargeting

By creating a Facebook pixel, putting it on your website and setting up custom audiences on Facebook, you can display ads online and bring in more conversions. Custom audiences allows you to create a separate list for people who have already visited your website. You can reach audiences through in-app and browser ads which appear in the newsfeed or on the right side of PCs. One benefit of Facebook retargeting through custom audiences is that the results are great and it’s less expensive than other remarketing platforms. Read about the 7 tested methods to increase organic reach on Facebook, in our blog: 7 TESTED METHODS TO INCREASE ORGANIC REACH ON FACEBOOK.

4. Adroll

Adroll is one of the top retargeting ads platforms to drive sales. It is quite well known for retargeting campaigns. A large number of businesses use this platform to retarget site visitors with ads on social media, mobile and other websites. Adroll has partnered up with Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft which allows marketers to display ads online and reach a large percentage of internet users. Through retargeting campaigns on Adroll you can target site visitors based on their actions, purchase, intent, etc. To know how to boost sales for an SME, read our blog: IMPROVE SALES FOR AN SME USING THESE FIVE MARKETING TOOLS.

5. Exact drive

Exact Drive is a self advertising platform that offers Facebook search and web retargeting. In addition to standard retargeting, you can use their search retargeting option to introduce the brand to new customers who are interested in products which are similar to your brand’s products. The pricing models are CPM and CPC and their network includes Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Know all about product content writing, in our blog: ALL ABOUT PRODUCT CONTENT WRITING: WHAT IS IT?.

6. Perfect audience

Perfect audience is one of the top retargeting ads platforms to drive sales. It is a great option for small to medium scale business owners. They offer mobile retargeting, web retargeting, display retargeting and Facebook retargeting. It helps with the audiences that can be targeted through page visitors list, email list, subscribers, etc. It is one of the most simple retargeting platforms. All you have to do is include the code in the body of a website, create lists of visitors and design campaigns. Read the basic Facebook marketing guide, in our blog: A DETAILED GUIDE TO LEARN BASIC FACEBOOK MARKETING.

7. Criteo

Criteo is counted as one of the best platforms to run online ads for retargeting. It allows marketers to reach out to customers regardless of the device they are using. It provides email, Facebook, Instagram, website, and mobile app retargeting which allows you to re-engage with the audience easily. The pricing of Criteo is on a CPC basis.

These top retargeting ads platforms to drive sales can easily help you to increase conversions. Retargeting allows marketers to re-engage users and turn them into customers. It is one of the best ways to generate more sales. This is because people who have been exposed to your brand are more likely to convert into customers. Businesses can either use third party retargeting networks or directly retarget on social media and Google. 


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