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Are you curious about the process of flyer making by ad agencies? It is one of the most traditional methods of advertising that might have business owners questioning its effectiveness. Do flyers have any worth in today’s advertising world? While there are everlasting benefits of using corporate flyers, there are also disadvantages of advertising through pamphlets and flyers. To know about them in detail, keep reading. 

A flyer is a piece of paper containing advertisement-related information about a certain company or enterprise. It is handed to people on the road as a part of marketing strategy. Flyer making by ad agencies are associated with product promotions and brand awareness. It is directed at changing consumer behavior and psychology. The color, typography, vocabulary depends upon the company in concern. Just like any advertising tool, there are both disadvantages and benefits of using corporate flyers. 

The marketer has to be mindful of the location where the flyers are being distributed. It should always be in crowded areas such as main avenue, park, entrance to a concert, etc. If the target audience is not reached via the flyers then there is no use in distributing them. For example, if you own a wedding cake business, you can distribute flyers near a bustling wedding venue. The benefits of using corporate flyers include:

Reading Ease

Reading Ease

Flyers are marked with simplicity, large fonts and few words. It is easy to design them and get them printed. The information in the flyer should be related to product’s promotions. Also, it needs to be accurate and presented attractively. It is a good way of persuading customers, especially if they live in the same locality as that of business office. 

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From a pricing point, flyer making by ad agencies is pocket-friendly as compared to other forms of advertisements like Television, radio and magazines. Some are printed on one side while others are printed on both the sides. When bought in a bulk, flyers are inexpensive. While making flyers, you do not need any expensive paper or services of a professional designer, and quality printing. An attractive business offer on a plain paper will do the trick. Read our blog on AD AGENCY SPEND REQUIREMENT: HOW MUCH SHOULD YOU SPEND and know about the appropriate budget required for advertising.

Placement Offers


One of the benefits of using corporate flyers is that the customer can give feedback to the flyer distributor face-to-face. It gives an estimation of how the potential customer would react to the product mentioned in the flyer. It helps the ad agency make improvements in their marketing techniques in order to fit the consumers’ needs. The marketer can get an immediate consumer reaction and act accordingly. 

The disadvantages of advertising through pamphlets and flyers are as follows:

  • No Long-term Impacts
    When it comes to flyer making by ad agencies, there are no long-term impacts on the customers. It is for immediate sales and instant reactions. Flyers have a sense of urgency to them. This is where television ads, radio podcasts take precedence. Flyers are mere pieces of papers discarded after being read.
  • Dismissible
    Another disadvantage of advertising through pamphlets and flyers is that they are easily dismissible. People can read it and easily forget about the contents. They do not make a lasting impression. This is the reason why flyers are aimed at local customers.

While flyer making by ad agencies might be a fun experiment but it lacks the efficiency of a comprehensive campaign. In today’s world, flyers can easily be replaced by social media events, website content and so on. However, if you are starting a business enterprise, flyers can make a world of difference. It is up to you, as an entrepreneur, to take that leap of faith. Have a look at the COMPLETE GUIDE ABOUT THE ADVERTISING BUSINESS to understand your preferences about advertising.


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