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Calligraphy is an artistic approach to writing. It is an extensive form of writing. Calligraphy enhances the overall creativity of your content. We can incorporate calligraphy in our style of writing the content in our design. There is a huge variety of calligraphy fonts available. But, not all of them are equally constructive and effective in conveying the message. This article presents the top free calligraphy fonts, to arrest the attention of a viewer.

Calligraphy is a writing style which has flourished over the years. Firstly, it gives the feeling of retro fonts in the designing process. Secondly, you can use them to give a handcrafted feel to your design, with the help of creative script typography. Before we proceed to have a look at the top free calligraphy fonts and get their links for download, let’s go through this detailed infographic below. This infographic discusses the history of calligraphic fonts and throws light on the art of calligraphy.

history of calligraphic fonts and art of calligraphy infographic


Following is a list of best cursive fonts for design projects:

1.Olivia script

1. One of the most beautiful top free calligraphy fonts: Olivia script

Olivia script is a sophisticated and elegant calligraphic typeface. It is a gorgeous font available for free. You can use it for personal and commercial purposes. It is commonly seen on wedding invitations, posters, greeting cards and more. Moreover, it imparts an inviting and friendly look to your design. You can download it for free on by clicking here.

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2.Work in progress

2. Work in progress: One of the top free calligraphy fonts

Work in progress is a special calligraphic typeface with a specific style of connecting curves. It has a unique and curvy font style. In fact, you can create dynamic dancing letters using the Work in Progress typeface. It is available for free, but for personal use only. This font is perfect if you are a beginner. Here is a STEP WISE DESIGNING PROCESS FOR BEGINNERS: A PRODUCTIVE APPROACH.

Above all, this is one of the best cursive fonts for design projects to impart a smooth look to your design. You can use it to develop a creative script typography. Click here to download one of the top free calligraphy fonts: ‘Work in Progress’.


3. Envelove

Envelove is a free to use typeface, having three fonts. Above all, it is a handwritten font, by Yani Arabena. The start of its creation was marked by carefree and spontaneous calligraphy. It is a unique font which showcases love of letters. Moreover, Envelove follows no formal calligraphic model and can be easily used. It is one of the top free calligraphy fonts. Download it now on to arrest the viewer’s attention.

4.Allura Top free calligraphy fonts

4. Allura

Allura is a nice and fancy typeface. Therefore, the characters of the Allura typeface are very clean, neat and organised. You can easily understand them in an effortless way. The typeface offers soft and formal looking fonts. It is one of the top free calligraphy fonts which is widely used in advertising, packaging and display of products. It imparts a friendly look to your design while giving a touch of calligraphy and creative script typography. Download it for free here.

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5.Meat buckets Top free calligraphy fonts

5. A top free calligraphy font: Meat buckets

Meat buckets is a typeface which gives an old school feeling. Consequently, it comes out as extremely effective typeface to convey a retro feeling to the viewers. It gives both, a trendy and retro feeling at the same time. Therefore, this is one of the best cursive fonts for design projects involving music related posters or for retro theme parties.

You can download it for free (for personal use). For commercial purposes, you will have to buy a standard license. As a result, downloading Meat Buckets will give you a wide variety of fonts to choose from. Hemce, you will be able to inculcate calligraphy in a unique manner to enhance the aesthetics of your design. It is one of the top free calligraphy fonts. Download for free by clicking here.

To conclude, all the above typefaces are the best cursive fonts for design projects. Use them for developing a design showcasing creative script typography. It will give a unique and innovative edge to your design.

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