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Marketing is a chief aspect in the working of any business. It plays a vital role in communicating a product effectively to the buyers. Alongside, marketing forms the basis of various decisions, which are taken in a company. In the recent times, marketing has become a complicated phenomenon. However, its importance can’t be ignored for the success of any business. Every business should maintain an adequate know-how of the important marketing knowledge. This article provides with the top 10 marketing tips that every business in India must know.

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The marketing tips provided in this blog are the basic guidelines, which can help you in executing the marketing process into practice. They transform the complex phenomenon of marketing into simpler concepts. Effective implementation of marketing tips result in development of a perfect marketing strategy for businesses. Following are the top 10 marketing tips.

1.Choose appropriate customers, where you see a scope of doing business  10 prime marketing tips that every business in India must know

1. Choose appropriate customers

Proper research is very essential to find the appropriate target market. A thorough understanding of all the customers enables you to find out if they are a business opportunity or not. Read our blog on STEPS TO IDENTIFY THE TARGET AUDIENCE: KNOW WHAT IS MARKET for you to understand the process easily. There are numerous customers in the market and you should aim at saving your time by targeting the appropriate ones. Therefore, analyse the market and narrow it down accordingly.

2.Your marketing must be according to the customer preferences    10 prime marketing tips that every business in India must know

2. Marketing according to the customer preferences

The process of marketing primarily revolves around the customers. It aims to communicate the products in a manner, such that the lead gets converted into sales. A perfect marketing strategy for a business would be planned according to the buyer’s mindset. Read our blog on what are the BEST TYPES OF SALES STRATEGIES USED TODAY that can be inculcated in your product selling techniques. You should analyse the mental makeup of a customer when he comes to make the purchase. This should be followed by communicating the products to the customers accordingly.

3.Have a passion and zeal developed in the organisation   10 prime marketing tips that every business in India must know

3. Develop passion and zeal in the organization

Marketing is a complicated and important task. Enthusiasm should be built in the business culture. The employees can be given goals and deadlines, in order to develop a competitive spirit among them. Read this blog to know the TIPS TO ENSURE DEADLINE SUCCESS WHILE MAINTAINING EFFICIENCY at workplace. In short, an appropriate and dedicated environment should be maintained in the organisation for successful marketing.

4.Be creative while keeping your gameplay intact    10 prime marketing tips that every business in India must know

4. Be creative while keeping your game play intact

Every business should develop uniqueness in their products. You can opt for various creative ways to reach to the customers. For example, creative marketing. However, you must maintain an adequate balance between creativity and well-planned marketing. Follow the complete guide to what is GUERRILLA MARKETING: HISTORY, ORIGIN AND MODERN DAY APPLICATION to know some unconventional, creative and interesting techniques.

5.Capture attention in 3 seconds- quick understandability

5. Easy to understand

Your way of marketing should be simple and easy to understand. A crisp and clear plan of marketing captures the attention of customers in no time. For example, display your products by setting them according to how a buyer wants to see them. Most importantly, you should try reading our blog on 5 ULTIMATE MARKETING TECHNIQUES FOR GROWING A BUSINESS which can be used to develop marketing strategies. Facilitating quick understanding for the customers is one of the best of top 10 marketing tips.

6.Use social media to spread the word

6. Using social media

Social media is a wide platform. It can help your company to reach out to many. You should maintain an active social media presence to keep in touch with the target market. For example, you can use Instagram to develop a page for your products. Also, you can use other social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to reach the targeted audience in a cost effective manner.

7.Work on branding strategy    10 prime marketing tips that every business in India must know

7. Work on a brand strategy

An effective branding strategy is essential to be different in the market. Highlight the uniqueness in your product, such that it has a striking impact on the customer’s mind. A successful branding strategy will strengthen your company’s stake in the market. The company logo, packaging material, etc. all have to be taken into consideration.

8.Be different from competitors   10 prime marketing tips that every business in India must know

8. Be different from competitors 

Develop a USP (Unique selling proposition) for your product. Focus on highlighting the USP in all the marketing strategies which are formulated. A USP will lend you a competitive edge in the market by differentiating it from the other products. Following are the innovative ways TO INCREASE SALES FOR A START-UP VENTURE FREE OF COST which can help you get new ideas for your marketing strategy.

9.Advertise the right way

9. Advertising in the right manner

The right kind of advertising for your business is important to capture the customer’s attention. You should choose the right means of advertising depending upon your target market. For example, if you want to cover a local area, you can use brochures. Your brand should be placed in a manner such that it has a substantial impact on the customer’s mind.

Customer feedback

10. Customer feedback

The success of a brand revolves around customer satisfaction. A systematic feedback channel must be made to get the customer feedback. The feedback should be transformed into action, improvising the products according to the feedback. 

Many businesses in India, specially the small and medium ones under estimate the importance of branding and are unable to grow at a scale at which they could. The top 10 marketing tips provided in this blog work in an effective way for all the businesses in India. You require a tactical approach to get the best results from the application of the above marketing tips. They should be implemented after a thorough understanding of the product and its market.


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