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What is a Podcast ad? People often ask ‘what is a podcast ad’? How important are podcast ads in the world of advertising? As an entrepreneur, you might have to explore both these questions. We have explored the advantages of podcast advertisements along with the disadvantages of podcast ads in this post. 

Podcast ads are episodic audio or video file that a user can download and listen to. The interest in podcasts has increased over the years. That is the reason agencies are using podcasts when it comes to small businesses. It is a cheap means to advertise your business compared to television commercials or even print media like newspapers. In many cases, small business owners choose to sponsor a podcast. Let’s explore what is a podcast ad in terms of its advantages and disadvantages. 


1. Convenience

A podcast ad listener can download the podcast and listen to it at his own time, even when he/ she is driving or exercising and so on. By subscribing to a podcast channel, he/ she will receive podcast ads of interest. 

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2. Ease

When it comes to podcast ads, they are extremely easy to make and upload on the internet. You need simple gadgets like a smartphone or a computer to do it. There are big podcast sites like itunes that enable podcast making. There are also simple software available that enable you to add sound effects to your podcasts. It can be put into your company website by the use of standard HTML pages. If you want to know more about the software used by marketing agencies, read our blog on: SOFTWARE USED BY DIGITAL MEDIA AGENCIES FOR THEIR CLIENTS.

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3. Affordability

One of the most important advantages of podcast advertisements is that they are very affordable. They can draw a lot of listeners at a fraction of the cost for a television or radio ad, when compared.

4. Customer Engagement

Podcast ads are the easiest means to get to the newer millennial generation of people if you have a product that caters to them. It can be customized and managed to maintain customer engagement and appeal to them. 


1. Reach

Many podcast ads require the user to download a relatively large file from the internet, so a lot of users with slow internet or a limited internet balance cannot afford to do that. It also does not work when it comes to people who are hearing impaired. 

2. Duplication

One of the disadvantages of podcast ads is that they can be easily duplicated. Someone else can easily use your copyrighted material in their podcast. It is difficult to control unauthorized copying and file sharing.

3. Effectiveness

Podcasts are only effective when it comes to short topics. It is more or less a passive medium. The popularity of podcasts has been surpassed by short, streamed videos. 

Most businesses, when they first start out, have a small budget when it comes to marketing and advertising. Podcast ads act as marketing solutions for inexpensive ads that are crucial for the growth and sustenance of such businesses. In order to make the most out of your advertising budget, there are plenty of advantages to podcast advertisements. There are a plethora of options when it comes to low-budget advertisements made by agencies. Also read: EFFECTIVE RADIO MARKETING- CAPTURING AUDIENCE ON A REGIONAL LEVEL.


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