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If you are working with an advertising agency, you must take it upon yourself to get acquainted with the security measures adopted by ad agencies. What is actually meant by data privacy of clients of marketing company? How is it protected? To know about the advertising agency data security policies, keep reading.

There is always firm legal work involved, when it comes to the matter of something as delicate as security measures adopted by ad agencies. Working in a digital marketing world, one has to keep track of the varying advertising agency data security policies around the globe. It is of utmost importance to ensure data privacy of clients of a marketing company. To know in detail about the data privacy of clients of marketing company, take a look below.

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1. Cloud Security

When it comes to security measures adopted by ad agencies, they make sure that the data stored in their cloud is secured and full-proof. They get a cloud solution to control their data. It gives the agency a competitive leverage when it comes to other agencies. Web analytics is used in long term implementation of internal security practices. Read our blog on       PRIVACY POLICY AGREEMENTS OF AN ADVERTISING COMPANY to know more about the privacy policies.

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2. User Groups

Another way the data privacy of clients of marketing company is managed is by the use of User Groups. The agency grants access to data to some of the top people of web analytics and not everyone in the team. The tools in user group ensure the agency’s ability to assign and revoke access rights from any employee. Know more about user data management in our blog CHALLENGES & OBJECTIVES OF A DATA-DRIVEN CREATIVE DIGITAL AGENCY.

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3. Tag Manager

One of the security measures adopted by ad agencies is to use the tool, Tag Manager. It has the ability to deactivate tags and protect the website from third parties trying to access data. Due to the stringent competition in digital marketing, a lot of third parties appear in hindsight to steal the data. Tag Manager is used as part of the internal procedures. It is used in order to ensure the security of the data within tags and prevent data leaks. Regular audits are maintained in order to detect deficiencies in data management. To know more about the must have digital tools for a company, read our blog on MUST HAVE ONLINE MARKETING TOOLS FOR A STARTUP COMPANY.



One of the basic tactics for maintaining data privacy of clients of a marketing company are CCTV cameras. The web analytics office are monitored via cameras to catch any activities that might raise suspicion. It is the simplest yet one of the most effective ways of dealing with cyber safety. The camera shows its feed directly to the owner of the agency or to a concerned authority. The movements of the executives in the web analytics department are regulated evenly.

Although data has led to the provision of better insights into the mindset of customers, these security measures adopted by ad agencies are vitally important. When it comes to data privacy of clients of a marketing company,  the agency is not only responsible for the customers’ personal information but also for the clients’ trust. To maintain your reputation, it is essential that the agency does not fail either of these partiesm when it comes to advertising agency data security policies.


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