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Are you wondering about the advantages of print media advertising? Is it still profitable to advertise in a newspaper in an era of digital marketing agencies? In order to advertise in a newspaper, you must know the types of ways you can do it. Here are the types of newspaper ads that are still in practice. 

The newspaper ads are an outcome of the advantages of print media advertising. Various types of newspaper ads have been in practice with the advent of the newspaper itself. It is the means by which newspaper companies earn revenue for themselves. Newspapers are still read throughout the world, even though the internet has replaced a big chunk of print media. Therefore, one can always advertise in a newspaper. Here are some of the methods of advertising in a newspaper. 

1. Display ads

One can never underestimate the advantages of print media advertising. Among all the types of newspaper ads, display ads are the easiest to recognize. They are expressed in bold letters and display images and graphics, usually running one-eighth of a page. This type of ad is very popular in newspapers. They are also known as box ads since they are bordered by rectangular boxes. The cost of the ad depends upon how much space it is taking up. It is mostly small businesses and local brands who resort to these kinds of ads. They are pretty inexpensive, to say the least. If you want to know about some tips and pointers for good branding, read our blog: TIPS AND POINTERS FOR GOOD BRANDING EVERY COMPANY MUST KNOW.

2. Classified ads

Classifieds are also one of the most common types of newspaper ads. They are used to deliver a particular message from the company to its customers. The advantage of print media advertising lies in the fact that the owner of the company may write a few lines accompanied by contact information and a call to action. The company logo, tagline, and graphics may be included in classifieds. Both local and international- big and small brands- may choose to advertise classifieds. Classifieds are also pretty inexpensive compared to full or partial page ads. Regardless, there is a possibility that people might overlook the classified section. Read about the importance of info graphics on our blog: IMPORTANCE OF CREATING INFO GRAPHICS IN DIGITAL MARKETING.


3. Insert Ads

An insert ad is one of the types of newspaper ads that comes in the form of a full-page or as a postcard insert included with the newspaper issue. When you advertise in a newspaper insert ad, the price depends upon the popularity of the newspaper and its reach, even though you have to pay additionally for the flyer or insert. The advantage of print media advertising in insert form is that it is an individual stand-alone piece of advertisement that the reader can hold onto even if he/ she gets rid of the newspaper. Coupons are often delivered in this manner. 

4. In-house ads

This is one of the types of newspaper ads, which results from unsold advertising inventory, while also promoting the authenticity of the name and brand of the newspaper. It is a means of self-promotion and self-advertisement. It also promotes the name and authenticity of the newspaper. While in-house ads may promote the newspaper, if a lot of them appear in the paper, it might send the wrong message. It might look like the newspaper company is struggling. 

While newspaper ads still have value and there are certainly advantages of print media advertising, one must always keep looking for news platforms to make ads. Newspapers should be one of the facets of advertising; one should not completely rely on it. However, before you plunge into the world of newspaper ads, be sure to check the name and authenticity of the brand. Know more about the objectives of advertising on our blog on: KNOW THE OBJECTIVES OF ADVERTISING TO GET AHEAD.


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