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People often blur advertising and branding. They work together closely, but they are separate ideas at the end of the day. Advertising Agency vs. Brand Consultants, how are they different? What makes it important to know the difference between advertising and branding agencies? We hear a lot about advertising, see a lot of it, but what exactly is the role of a branding agency? Let’s take a look.

Both advertising agencies and brand consultancies support design and communication, but their main focus will be on brand strategy by either developing or refreshing brands. Both agencies are equally responsible when it comes to the success of major brands. To know the difference between advertising and branding agencies, we must consider four basic aspects that sets them apart. You must wonder how they are indeed different despite seeming similar. Let’s see what all makes for the difference between advertising and branding agencies.

Advertising Agency Vs Brand Consultancy: Their Definitions, Differences between an advertising agency and a brand consultancy

Definitions: Advertising Agency Vs Brand Consultants

When it comes to Advertising Agency Vs Brand Consultants, we define them differently. An advertising agency, also known as a creative agency, focuses on creating content that sells a product, service or an idea directly to the customer. They rely more on leveraging creative work, persuasive copy and media buys to get the message across.

On the other hand, the role of a branding agency is more focused on helping to create, develop, maintain and improve brands. A Branding agency strives to develop an understanding of your business, clarify your goals and communicate them to the right audience in the right way.

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Role of Advertising Agency Vs Brand Consultants

The role of branding agency is strategic, and that of advertising is tactical. Advertising agency solves the problem of defining communication modes of advertising with the targeted segments. But then what else is needed? That’s where branding comes in. A brand consultant will develop a brand plan to drive strategy both internally and externally including all the key elements from copy used in recruiting to customer facing departments and how they are to represent the brand.

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Advertising Agency Vs Brand Consultants: What they do for you?

The role of branding agency is different from a creative agency when it comes to what each one of them does for you. Creative campaigns are pushed across TV, radio, billboards, websites, with idea that many people will see the campaign and the message will hopefully resonate with as many people as possible, that’s what an advertising agency does and they’re pretty good at it. On the other hand, the brand consultant will carry out an audit of your business, industry, processes, systems, stakeholders and more and then determine the best way forward for you.

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The difference between advertising and branding agencies : Their approach

An advertising agency uses a series of tactical advertising campaigns that use mass marketing across mass media with only a nod to digital and below-the-line activities. Contrarily, a brand consultant will look to collect and leverage specific data to develop targeted communications across digital channels to engage prospects, whilst carrying on conversations with existing customers. For illustration, customer relationship management.

So despite often being confused, we see that advertising agencies and branding consultancies encompass different work. Knowing the difference between advertising and branding agencies becomes really important when taking a decision as to hire the agency that suits your business needs.

Sometimes, brand consultants may claim to be fully capable of creating and handling your advertising campaigns, other times advertisers may claim that advertising is all the strategy you need. But both of these claims would be incorrect. Subpar advertising and one dimensional short-term strategy, neither will help your business. When it comes to making a choice between Advertising Agency Vs Brand Consultants, you have to look at what your business needs more assistance with, for a problem with which your in-house teams might be struggling with. Check out our next blog on A COMPLETE GUIDE ABOUT THE ADVERTISING BUSINESS to learn more about this topic.


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