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Are you curious about a Product Manager job? It is one of the most important job descriptions in marketing agencies. If you own a marketing agency, it is absolutely vital that you know about the roles of a product manager. We have made a list of all the responsibilities and roles of a project manager below.

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A Product manager job entails having thorough knowledge about the product that is being marketed. He/ she communicates the functionality of the product by collaborating with the other teams within the agency. The aspects that are to be noted are marketing, customer support and engineering. If a product manager does not help in the proceedings, it is impossible to conduct smooth promotions of new products by client companies. Here are the roles of a product manager.

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1. Strategizing

As a part of the responsibilities that a Product Manager job entails one with, strategizing is first and foremost. It involves the vision of the product manager, regarding what the product in question can achieve. He takes into account the factors like analysis of the customers, market landscape and key competitors while making these strategies. He/ she uses these factors to locate the strengths and weaknesses of the marketing strategy. It is a part of the product marketer’s job description in marketing agencies, to maintain objectivity in his perspective. Therefore, strategizing and maintaining perspective are some of the major roles of a product manager. If you want to know how to formulate an effective marketing strategy for your firm, read our blog on: MAKE AN EFFECTIVE SERVICE MARKETING STRATEGY- MARKETING OF SERVICES.

2. Setting goals

Your company goals are the objectives and initiatives, which you are willing to take. Your goals could include lead generation, brand awareness, sales and so on. Your goals are an integral part of your product marketing strategy. It is an essential part of the Product Manager’s job to set these goals before executing and implementing the strategies. The goals need to be achievable and realistic. Read the secret behind meeting your goals, in our blog: THE SECRET BEHIND GOOD PUBLICITY TO MEET SALES GOALS.

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3. Releases

When a new product is released, the roles of a product manager lie in analyzing the actual work that will be accomplished and the features that will be built in the process. He has to measure the optimal capacity for the release to assure the sale of the product and that the customers receive the most out of their purchase. He/ she always speaks for the customer and is involved in taking firm decisions against the features that might not be agreeable to the customer. 

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4. Connecting with the customers

One of the most important aspects of a Product Manager job is to maintain an ongoing close relationship with the customers. Job descriptions in marketing agencies include the conduction of surveys, forums and demonstrations to find out how the customers are going to react to the product and capture the customer. If they spend time studying the customers, it would become convenient for them to identify problems and find possible solutions. Maintaining relationships with customers can also lead to the trigger for great ideas, new features and improvements.

The landscape of software, the customer, market and product are ever-changing. A Product Manager’s job is vital if you want to keep up with these changes. Ultimately, the roles of a product manager lie in managing all moving parts of the product released, looking out for marketing-related trouble ahead and making sure that they are building what would incite the customer. It is the management of all moving parts related to the product, which is explained in the job descriptions in marketing agencies. Read more about how to expand your customer base in our blog: RAPIDLY EXPAND YOUR CUSTOMER BASE FOR SMEs.


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