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As an entrepreneur, you are likely to get confused in choosing between domestic and international advertising agencies for brand representation. While there are attractive perks in advertising work done from abroad, there are also advantages of hiring a domestic advertising agency. To know what criteria you need to consider before making the choice between domestic and international agencies, keep reading.

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Do you own a business that needs an advertising agency? Are you considering getting advertising work done from abroad? There are certain criteria that you need to consider when it comes to advertising. Do not get carried away by flashy company reviews of ad agencies. What works for another business might not work for yours. We have made a list of all the facets you will need to keep in mind before you make a decision between domestic and international advertising agencies.  

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Potential Customer

Does your product have a good customer potential? Will it have an international appeal? Before selecting between domestic and international advertising agencies, you need to ask yourself about the functionality of the product. Is it of use by foreign customers? Will they be impelled to buy? For you to get advertising work done from abroad, there has to be a wide potential customer base. For example, if you own a coffee manufacturing company, you should consider an international agency as it has a wide user base. However, if you have an Indian sari brand, your chances are better if you center your advertising around your location. 

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When it comes to getting advertising work done from abroad, you should consider the budget of your company. International agencies definitely charge more than domestic agencies. If it is in the startup phase, you probably have a limited budget and would not have to sacrifice a big chunk of your revenue to advertising abroad. If you have a well-known brand with a considerable money to spare on advertising, international advertising may act as the best way to get your message across. 

Chain Marketing


Before making a selection between domestic and international advertising agencies, you should note that the size of your company and its connections matter. Big conglomerates have a lot of networking skills and thus, they fare well when it comes to getting advertising work done from abroad. A lot of people already know about their services and products. It is not difficult for them to get the word out. Whereas, small companies die out in international markets as they do not have the connections or the budget to seize a position in the share market. 

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As you move your advertisement out of your country, you have to consider the fact that the competition is going to get more severe. It takes considerable amount of effort to retain brand identity once your product leaves home. Therefore, before choosing between domestic and international advertising agencies, you should make sure that it has given you good results via domestic advertising. You should review the functionality of your product. 

No matter what kind of advertising agency you work with, your main focus should be the sustenance and success of your business. When it comes to domestic and international advertising agencies, it is not about which one is flashier or which one costs more. It is all about being sensible in your advertising investment. You know your company the best so choose what works for it.


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