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Do you have questions like: what work does a graphic designing agency do? There are some areas, in which a graphic design agency functions in. The efficiency of the whole company depends on how well the agency performs these functions. To know the most important roles of a professional design company, keep reading.

A graphic design agency functions by producing creative advert material either in the form of print or electronically. Areas a graphic design agency may excel in include marketing, communications, digital media and brand identity.

A graphic design agency usually relies on creativity, project management and team working skills. You may also like to read our blog on DESIGN THINKING TOOLS: TRANSFORMING CREATIVITY INTO PRODUCTIVITY to enhance creativity in your work. Designers need to be tech-savy as the graphic business these days requires the aid of complex graphic design softwares. If you want to know what work a graphic designing agency does, we have a list for you.


1. Briefing: Key graphic design agency function

One of the most important graphic design agency functions is the process of briefing. It is a formal meeting between the client and the designers where they discuss about the project. This is where the communication skills of a designer comes in handy. So, you should try reading our blog on GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS – AN INDISPENSABLE PART OF WORK to know how to master these skills.

The client talks about his/her expectations from the designer. Then the designer makes recommendations about what would work for the designs. If the briefings go wrong, the agency would be held accountable. The end-product would not be satisfactory. Thus, it is the first cornerstone of the whole designing process. Big agencies also have separate client servicing teams to execute this process. These client servicing professionals act as a bridge between the designers and the clients.

Project Management

2. Project Management

Project management is one of the lesser known roles of a professional design company. The head of the designing department instructs the designers separately on what they will have to do. A designing agency is like a well-oiled machine, where every designer has a specific role to play. The head designer is in charge of meeting the requirements of the brief and delivering work on time. He/she has to make sure that the work is within the client’s budget. He/she also has to make the calls for the brief, schedules and purchase orders.

Brand Concept

3. Graphic design agency functions include Brand Concept Creation

A graphic design agency functions in the area of brand concept creation. The agency has to create a clear concept behind the brand and show it to the client. The specific concept is either shown in the form of visuals, written proposals or a combination of visual and written proposals. It includes the estimated budget, duration and the number of designers needed to come up with the design. Professional design agencies indulge themselves in designing several advertising elements like brochures, letter heads, website interfaces, magazines, etc. Check out the designs made by us for our clients to get a feel of professional designing output.

Brand Concept

4. Logo Designing

A logo is the face of your business. It is what your customers see first or picture first about your company. A good logo highlights your uniqueness against your competitors. This distinction is achieved by the artful play of shapes, fonts, colors and images. All the aspects of the brand/ product/ service/ business have to overlap into one image; the logo. One of the roles of a professional logo design company is designing a suitable logo for your brand. Read our next blog on TIPS FOR DESIGNING A GOOD COMPANY LOGO to get some better insights on it.

Production, Top 5 functions of a graphic design agency

5. Production is one of the graphic design agency functions

Finally, the most important of all graphic design agency functions is production. The true worth of an agency depends on the quality of work it produces. Most of the artwork in today’s age is done with the help of digital tools in studios. Sometimes the agency may take the aid of web developers to have the work done. The finished product is to be printed and proofread before the final print. After they mail the designs to the sign, the agency prepares a voicemail citing the project costs.

In short, when it comes to the question of what work does a graphic designing agency do, there are other roles of a professional design company. However, the above graphic design agency functions are the most important ones. Every company has to conform to these functions. The minor functions are mere divisions under these 5 major ones.


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