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Are you wondering about the types of magazine ads out there? When it comes to publishing an advertisement in a magazine, you have to know what is right for your business. After all, not all ads will bring you success and therefore, it is very important to first know all the types of magazine ads that are out there. Here is a research study on magazine ads for your benefit.

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Publishing an advertisement in a magazine can benefit both types of business- small and big. Magazines are a competitive arena, however, you get a lot of diversity among prices, genres, geographical reach and so on. It is a great way to advertise, if your product is demonstrative. Here is a list of the types of magazine ads that are in fashion. 

1. Ad promotions page

This type of magazine ad is large and elaborate with its own list of categories and subcategories. They may come in the form of an article or a series of articles based on the same genre of advertising. For example, in a special ad promotions page meant for education courses, every advert published might be related to schools, university courses, and coachings. The target audience is the same for every advertising company on that page. This proves to be an inexpensive way to advertise by small companies. Know more about ads in our blog: VITAL BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE OF ADVERTISING: ADS THAT VIEWERS DONT LIKE.

2. Classifieds

In this type of magazine ad, the owner of the company may write a few lines accompanied by contact information and a call to action. The company logo, tagline, and graphics may be included in classifieds. This type of ad is very commonly found in newspapers. Both local and international; big and small brands, choose to advertise in classifieds. Classifieds are also pretty inexpensive as compared to full or partial page ads. Regardless, there is a possibility that people might overlook the classified section.

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3. Advertorials 

Publishing an advertisement in a magazine may pave the way to advertorials. Advertorials take up an entire page in the main part of a magazine. One quality of advertorials is that they are told in the form of stories. More often than not, advertorials are interesting to read and catchy. The most talented writers are employed when it comes to writing advertorials. Often, advertorials can be confused with content and readers gravitate towards it. If looked upon a research study on magazine ads, it is easy to reach a wide body of people via advertorials. Good magazines are picky about what kind of advertorials they want to publish. Know what are the 5 common mistakes made by ad agencies on our blog: 5 COMMON MISTAKES MADE BY AD AGENCIES WHILE ADVERTISING WEBSITES!

4. Display Ads

According to a research study on magazine ads, display ads are the easiest to recognize. They are expressed in bold letters and display images and graphics. This type of ad is very popular in newspapers. It is mostly small businesses and local brands who resort to these kinds of ads. They are pretty inexpensive, to say the least. 

As per a research study on magazine ads, publishing an advertisement in a magazine is known to have a better impact on potential customers, compared to direct mail and outdoor advertising. Magazine advertising agencies help businesses make ongoing communication with their target audiences, allowing them to be brand aware and brand loyal. Magazines are a great way to narrow down your audiences and hit the right buying cycle. For further reading, read our blog on: EFFECTIVE RADIO MARKETING- CAPTURING AUDIENCE ON A REGIONAL LEVEL.


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