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It is not always necessary that a CRM system or process would be able to meet all the business challenges. Especially, when faced with the reality of how widely spread out the audience is on social media in order to create a funnel to one’s email and then finally result in cross selling, reselling, up selling and more.  This blog mentions top 6 Keap (Infusionsoft) alternatives and highlights what you can get for growth & scalability!

While running a business, there are a number of challenges. Many times, the challenges would depend on the size and scale of the business. These challenges would need a variety of tools and resources in order to ensure that one can meet them square on and carry on with the growth and scaling up of the business. The digital world has created a number of such tools that have to the fore with CRM as one of the most widely used that integrates many solutions for many different challenges under one single umbrella. 

Yet, this is also where another major challenge comes in. For a business, some of the key things to do in the course of its journey would be the following:

  • Capture attention with reach
  • Cater to the exact needs of an audience with engagement
  • Drive home the point to make a conversion.

To meet the specific challenges of a business organisation, a number of data driven tactics would be required from organization to insight gathering and much more. The right CRM system like Keap or the many Keap competitors would help in achieving the same. 

CRM and the Keap Alternative

Before we understand the use and role of Keap(InfusionSoft) alternatives, it would be imperative to ask one vital question- What is Keap? Well, to begin with, this is a platform that was formerly known as InfusionSoft. With a platform like Keap or the alternative to Keap, you will be able to do the following:

  • Know Your Customer: One of the main elements of any CRM system or process is information. This information or data would help you know what your customer wants and how to service the customer even after a sale is made. With the information about the customer in particular and the segment in general, the engagement becomes far more reasonable and meaningful. This would drive a person towards a conversion in far more effortless and faster manner as well, which would benefit the business greatly.
  • Data Driven Campaigns: A common thing that binds all Keap competitors together is the fact that the campaigns generated with the help of such a CRM platform would more often than not, be data driven to the very core. The mining and use of data is one of the basic things that helps in charting the course of reaching the right segment for optimum positioning in such a market or niche. This is what would then set the stage for proper engagement that would seamlessly lead to conversions for the business. Such data driven operations would be helpful in understanding the customer further.
  • Insights for Better Direction: While you are running your business, you would need to know where you are going and whether you are in the right direction. This can easily be done by an alternative to Keap that would help you keep an eye on the insights and the direction of your goals. The insights that come forth, usually show you whether or not you are on the right and what you can change in order to choose a different and more efficient direction in case that path does not work towards your goals. These monthly, quarterly or annual reports would help you understand your business and its place in the changing marketplace, in a far better manner.
  • Seamless Operations: With the right Keap (InfusionSoft) alternative, you will be able to run your business in a far better manner, which would include a more organized back end as well as better collaboration and coordination between team members. Further, the automation aspect would also ensure that you remove all the mundane and monotonous tasks to make room for better engagement with the end user, thus propelling the business towards higher conversions and increased revenues, in the long run.


Now that we have seen how the Keap competitors can help your business, let us understand who these competitors are and which one is the best for your business needs:

1. EngageBay

This would be one of the best Keap alternatives since it provides much value in terms of lead generation, engagement and conversion based on solid data across a number of platforms. Also, this is extremely affordable for many small businesses since it is free for most of the starter plans. You can also upgrade as and when you need. (View Website)

2. Ontraport

This is also a well known alternative to Keap that can be used for lead generation and engagement through email marketing. Yet, it does not support all kinds of integration and is a little on the expensive side as well. (View Website)

3. Click Funnels

This platform helps in funneling all the leads through a well qualified system for marketing and sales automation and CRM. While it focuses on email marketing and landing page optimization, there is very little scope for integration of other platforms. (View Website)

4. Insightly

This is a well known Keap alternative that also offers a number of features on its platform. Yet, while it has many users globally, it is not the most pocket friendly one especially for small and growing businesses. (View Website)

5. Active Campaign

As one of the Keap competitors, this platform also offers many email marketing related features for CRM and marketing automation. (View Website)

6. AWeber

This is also a well known platform where you can create your CRM framework at a lower cost. Yet, it is not very feature heavy. (View Website)

The above analysis clearly shows that the award winning platform here is EngageBay, which offers great pricing along with the widest range of features and the flexibility to engage with all types of customers and platforms too.



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