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Video advertisements have become a good way of marketing. Many companies have started using digital media as a means to promote the products or brands by making professional videos for business. The term video production company is not used only to define filmmakers anymore, its scope has expanded over time. This blog talks about how a video production firm caters  to a corporate project.

Many of the best production houses discuss their plans with the clients thoroughly. There should be proper communication between client and the production company for getting effective results. Mere allocation of work, i.e. to make professional videos for business by the client is not enough. It is a two way communication and accountability process. The client should actively participate in all the steps mentioned below.

Process of working with a video production company

Discussion with the client

As done by some of the best production houses, the first and foremost step for a video production company is to have a detailed discussion with the client about various aspects like

  • Concept: The production house should be able to understand the concept of the video, that has to be made by them. Many companies even provide detailed questionnaires to be filled by the clients. The company pitches in basic ideas to convince the clients to work with it and help them share their expectations.
  • Target audience: The client should be asked to share the target age group and geographical areas that they want to cover. Accordingly, the videos will cater to the needs and preferences of the client.
    Matching the offer with client’s budget: The firm should state the amount that it would charge without any ambiguity and if the client agrees to pay that amount, the deal is locked.

Process of working with a video production company

Formulating the strategy

A team of experienced personnel is set up by the video production company after the client finalises the deal. These personnel use their skills and expertise in creating a foolproof strategy, as done in many of the best production houses. The following things should be included:

  • Brainstorming of ideas: The personnel chosen by the firm should come together and discuss about the ideas that can be useful. The idea that relates best to the concept should be decided and worked upon to make professional videos for business firm.
  • Preparation of the script: A fitting script with felicitous characters should be developed. The scriptwriter of the firm plays a very important role.
  • Auditions & Scheduling the shoot: Once the script is prepared, the cast should be chosen. The company should then decide the date(s) and timings for the shoot.
  • Deciding the marketing channels: Selection of the right marketing channels is crucial to reach the right audience. The video should be made accordingly.

Process of working with a video production company

Production process

  • Recording the video: The video production company records videos with the team on a decided date. It is advisable to shoot with the client’s  presence. This will enhance the process and maintain transparency in work.
  • Editing the video: The video is then edited to the duration as per the needs of the client. The software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, etc. are used in many of the best production houses.
  • Adding graphics: Special effects and graphics are added to the video to make it more attractive using softwares like Adobe After Effects.
  • Soundtracks and voice overs: Good quality music should be added and voice overs should be done if the sound recorded in the actual video is not of good quality.
  • Conversion: The video is then converted into the format that can be shared on different, pre-decided channels.

Process of working with a video production company

Quality of output

The final video produced by the video production company should be of good quality. Clients should be satisfied with the prepared video. If the quality is not good, the client ends up being disappointed and company ends up losing a customer. In order to ensure that the work is done as per expectations, a vivid analysis and proper communication is need.

  • Promotion: Some production companies are just production houses,who make professional videos for business clients, while others offer production as well as marketing services. Marketing involves sharing the video on the right channels to reach the right audience. Making a good quality video will only be a waste of time and efforts if it does not reach the audience effectively. The clients should share it on all of their social media platforms.
  • Evaluation of performance: Even if the video is promoted through social media influencers, it is not necessary that the right audience will be reached. To ascertain how well the video is performing, the video production firm should  evaluate its performance. If the target audience is not reached, corrective measures should be taken.

A video production company should be able to gain the trust of its clients. Creativity should be taken care of as it is the most crucial part of making professional videos for business. Content should be according to the target audience and should be of good quality. At last, it should be evaluated that the video does not offend anyone.

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