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Marketing a novel or any other book is not an easy task. Reaching the audience is a very complex procedure, especially when you are a budding writer. The critics of a novel are very harsh and if they gain the spotlight amidst this, it becomes all the more difficult. We are here to help you with some effective ways to promote and market your novel. Hopefully, this article will act as your mentor and will help you to attract readers to your book.

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A novel requires immense innovation to grab the attention of potential readers. To attract readers to your book, you have to think of a good strategy. This blog highlights the ways in which you can promote and market a novel. Here is your full-fledged book/ novel marketing plan:

1. Rock your book trailer

If you release your book trailer, you will definitely attract readers to your book. You can conduct an event or a small program to talk about your book and unleash your trailer. Showcase some creativity in the event. Let people engage and connect with the theme of your book. Attract readers to your book by talking about it and sensitizing its relevance. Talking to the audience will help you create awareness and excitement among the masses.

There are voracious readers who wouldn’t miss the launch of a book. To attract readers to your book and manage your PR activities, you can also preferably hire a good PR agency. It is like a one-time investment. If you are confident of your book, then appointing a PR specialist will help you gain the confidence of the audience as well. Also, you will have to put less effort into marketing your next book. To know what a good publicity agency is like, read our blog on: WHAT IS A GOOD PUBLICITY AGENCY? A LOOK INSIDE THE TOP PR COMPANIES.

2. Use e-commerce companies

Connect to the people on social media. This is a platform that will provide you numerous ways to market your book. There are certain e-commerce platforms where you can sell your books and share their sample. The more you network with electronic retail companies, the more are the chances of your book being discovered. There is no better way to attract readers to your book other than permitting customers to have a sample of your book in the market. Also read about how to attract new customers to any business, in our blog: A BEGINNERS GUIDE ON HOW TO ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS TO BUSINESS.

3. Collaborate with local library and bookstores

This seems simple right? You can collaborate with famous bookstores and libraries for a shout out to your book. Give away signed copies of your book to excite the readers. To attract readers to your book, you can also think about giving some free pieces to the first few customers. 

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4. Be savvy on the web 

Social media is a great tool to promote your newly launched novel in the market. Today people are engaged in online media, day and night. You can market a novel through social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are some of the widely used sites and apps. Explore the potential of digital marketing via these social networking service providers to attract readers to your book. Paid advertisements have also become possible through social media and the opportunities have become vast. This medium will attract the readers to your book and grab more attention in lesser time. To know how to increase customer engagement on social media, read our blog on: INCREASE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER WITH THESE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES.

These are the major ways to promote and market a novel. It is very important for a newly published novel to garner the right attention and reader base. Follow these marketing tips to reach out to your potential users. But if you have some other innovative ways to market a novel and attract readers to a book, feel free to share it with us.


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