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Are you thinking about appointing small ad agencies but are doubtful about their efficiency and skill? Like any other kind of agency in the world, there are advantages of small marketing companies along with problems faced by hiring a new advertising agency. Do not fret. We have accumulated a list of all the benefits and limitations this kind of venture would entail.

While small ad agencies can look appealing and effective with their services from the outside, there are certain problems faced while hiring a new advertising agency. However, just because an agency is small, you should not be dismissive about it as it could turn out to be a missed opportunity. Before embarking on any advertising business venture, you must interview and drill the people-in-charge to know what the agency is all about. What are their goals and objectives? What is their motto? What clients have they worked with the past? Do they understand the market? Here are a list of pros and cons that will come your way when you resort to appointing small ad agencies for your business.


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1. Limited Number of Clients

Small businesses do not have a large number of clients, thus they are likely to put your company under the spotlight. Some of these companies are very choosy about who they work with. They may provide specialized work only. You may have direct access to the CEO. Owing to their limited number of clients, they are more flexible with their schedules and hours.


2. Cost-effective

Another one of the advantages of small marketing companies is that they are extremely cost-effective, compared to big companies. They might ask for a percentage of your revenue. If you own a startup, appointing small ad agencies is for you because you have a limited budget set aside for advertisements and want to save as much revenue as you can. To review it, you are getting services at a very friendly budget. Read our blog AD AGENCY SPEND REQUIREMENT: HOW MUCH SHOULD YOU SPEND to make the right choice about budget specifications.


3. Not hard to find

There are a large number of small ad agencies scattered all across the country so you have a lot of choices, which form an advantage of small marketing companies. They are not hard to find. Since it is so competitive, these companies go overboard to give you their services. That is why they are so cost-effective.


1. Inexperienced Staff

One of the most apparent disadvantages of appointing small ad agencies is that they have inexperienced staff. Since they do not have many clients, they may be inexperienced. They have not worked with diverse companies on diverse projects. Their knowledge on problem solving might be limited.

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2. Outsourcing

Due to having inexperienced staff, the company might be prone to outsourcing its work. This is one of the problems faced while hiring a new advertising agency because, as a business owner, you do not have any idea where it is being outsourced and if the team is capable of producing good work. This may result in undervalued work.

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3. Understaffed

Another disadvantage of appointing small ad agencies is that the company may be understaffed. As a result of this, there may not be specified roles, leading to disruption in the smooth working of projects. It may cause subpar results for your campaigns. Learn more in our blog TOP MARKETING COMPANIES MIGHT BE CHEATING YOU! CHOOSE WISELY.  to avoid being a part of frauds.

When it comes to appointing small ad agencies, it ultimately falls upon the people working in there and what they believe in. Do not be distracted by flashy company logos or big names. It is vital that you make sure that there are no skeletons in the closet before you close the deal. Interview the people. Are they good at what they do? Do they know how advertising works? Do they seem interested in the prospect? It is up to you to decide what’s best for your business.


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