A well optimized landing page is the foundation for the success of digital marketing campaigns. A perfect value proposition or optimized advertisements are of no value unless you have a good landing page. Landing pages which are effective compel the prospects to turn into customers. This post talks about how to create impactful landing pages.

A landing page is the web page which appears when a visitor clicks on a PPC ad or a search engine link. Landing pages are used to encourage visitors to sign up for something, buy something or take an action which is of commercial significance. You can easily capture company leads through landing pages or convert leads to customers. To know how the pay per click marketing works, read our blog: HOW DOES PAY PER CLICK MARKETING WORK?

Tips to convert visitors into subscribers, leads, or buyers

  • Minimal and professional design: The overall design has a huge impact on the effectiveness and ability of the landing page to drive conversions. The colors, font type, size, white space, etc play a huge role in creating a good layout. In addition to a professional design, the best landing pages only have the necessary information needed to convert visitors. The less distractions there are, the better you will be able to capture company leads through landing pages.
  • Clear call to actions: The key to know how to create impactful landing pages lies in the CTA buttons. Whether your aim is to increase sales or to generate leads, your CTA should not be vague. The call to action is an important factor that improves conversion rates. Thus, persuasive and clear CTAs are the key to compel visitors to take an action. Keep it short, about five to seven words and use powerful words like ‘download now’ or ‘get started today.’
  • Value proposition: One of the top landing page tips for businesses is to have a value proposition which interests visitors. The easiest way to generate leads is to have an irresistible offer. Create an enticing offer and communicate how it is of value for them. This can include discounts, coupons, free trials, ebooks or any other thing which might be of value to the visitors.
  • Have a responsive design: Unless the visitors can see or easily interact with the landing page on various kinds of devices, they won’t convert. To effectively capture company leads through landing pages, make sure that the page responds to the device of the visitor. Responsive web design ensures that the content changes according to screen width, screen orientation and resolution. A non-responsive web design will surely cost you valuable leads.
  • Catchy headlines: Along with clear call to actions, the best advice for creating website landing page is to have a catchy headline. This is because a good headline catches the interest and attention of the reader. Make it powerful and compelling so that it creates a difference in your conversion rate. A perfect headline is short, interests the reader and tells them what the product or service is about.
  • Test: A/B testing by tweaking elements is the most powerful way to create impactful landing pages. See how the changes affect conversion rates and how well one combination performs over another. Test landing landing pages as much as possible to keep improving. 

Now that you know how to create impactful landing pages, it is over to you. The only way to know which kind of landing pages work the best for your campaigns, is to experiment. Try different combinations and test everything. Remember, the best landing pages are easy to use and bring the reader’s attention to the value proposition.


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