High quality content does not ensure that a website will get traffic. To gain exposure, there are some additional steps that must be taken. These steps include search engine optimization, social media sharing, social bookmarking, digital marketing, etc. Social media bookmarking can dramatically increase the reach of content and gain back-links. This blog explains what is social media bookmarking and lists the steps to do it.

What is social media bookmarking? The sites which allow users to save and share URLs on them are known as social media bookmarking sites. The process of bookmarking a website link on such websites is called social media bookmarking. It is done because this process brings backlinks to a website. Such back-links are of high value. Social media bookmarking is good for SEO, thus it helps in better indexing and increasing SERP rankings.

Impact of visual search on SEO

Benefits of social media bookmarking for SEO

  • Accessibility: Social media bookmarking allows users to access links from anywhere, at anytime and from all kinds of devices like laptops, mobiles or tablets.
  • Bookmark sharing: The bookmarks that are saved on bookmarking sites can be shared easily. Some bookmarking websites allow users to add reviews or comments as well.
  • Increases traffic: More and more people are getting to know what is social media bookmarking and its benefits. Thus, thousands, if not millions, of people visit these sites every month. By submitting a link to your website or blog, you can gain targeted traffic.
  • Easy browsing: Social media bookmarking sites use categories to find links or content for a search query. Thus, when you perform a search for a specific category, all the results will be related to it and make your browsing easier.

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The best social media bookmarking sites for search engine optimization

  1. Scoop.It: Scoop.it is a great bookmarking website. It caters to businesses, professionals, corporations, etc. It has a substantial audience, more than a million registered users use it. There are 3 kinds of plans, one free and two paid, each costing $14.99 and $67 per month. Based on how many topics you want to post in, you can choose the plan which caters to you the best.
  2. StumbleUpon: It is one of the big sites and many people use it to do social media bookmarking for SEO. While bookmarking links, you can add details like topic and type of content. StumbleUpon is a great site to gain targeted traffic as StumbleUpon shows relevant content based on the users’ interest.
  3. Pinterest: Pinterest has approximately 170 million active monthly users. Most of the users are women and many of them consult pinterest before making buying decisions. Pinterest is for sharing photos and links, thus by posting eye catching photos, customers can be influenced to buy a product
  4. Reddit: On reddit, users submit links to various types of content and other users can up or down vote them. By upvoting, downvoting or commenting, one can generate bookmarks. Reddit is a great way to promote your content and increase brand awareness.
  5. We Heart it: Like pinterest, we heart it is for photos, videos and gifs. It also acts as a social network like pinterest as users can follow and message each other or share posts, comment, etc. Not only is it one of the best social media bookmarking sites for search engine optimisation, but can also increase traffic coming to your website.

While searching for bookmarking sites, keep in mind the following things:

  • Check whether the websites are indexed on google
  • The domain authority
  • The quality of he sites bookmarked by users

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How to properly do social media bookmarking for SEO

Now that you know what is social media bookmarking, you need to know how to do it properly. Follow these steps for the best results:

  • Use keywords: While submitting links or content, use keyword in titles, descriptions and tags.
  • Use proper category: While submitting the link, make sure you add in the right category.

Always remember to be active on social bookmarking sites and engage with users. This gives you opportunities to get more back-links and compel people to visit your website. Focus on user engagement and quality of the content you bookmark. Hopefully, this blog about what is social media bookmarking and how to do it helps you to gain better results.


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