The number one way in which prospects or customers search for businesses, products or services is Google. They might search for your location, reviews, get your contact details, or any other detail related to your brand on google. Setting up a google my business page not only gives you an edge over competition but also makes it easier for people to find you. This guide aims to help the reader to learn how to make Google business account and briefs you with the steps to create Google business account.

It is very essential to first know how to make Google business account as Google my business allows businesses to manage their online presence on Google. This helps you to connect with Google maps, google+, insights, reviews, etc. in one place, automatically. It is important to set up a google my business page correctly to maximise your chances of being found by your customers. Listed below are the steps to create google business account:

Steps to create google business account

  1. Check if you are already listed
    Before going to the Google My Business page, go to Google Maps and Google+ and check if your business is not already listed.
  2. Get Started
    Go to and click on start now.
  3. Add Details
    Enter the name of your business. Once you have found your business location (or created it in case it is not listed yet), click on it. Click Next.
  4. Add Location
    Choose your country and add your address. Check the box ‘I deliver goods and services to my customers’ if you do. Then click next. Position the marker at the place where your business is located. Click Next.  
  5. Choose Category
    Enter your business category in the space provided and choose from the options that come up.
  6. Provide contact details
    Add your phone number and website address. Read why it is important for every business to have a website, in our blog: WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO HAVE A WEBSITE? TRICKY ANSWER TO THE QUESTION.
  7. Verify
    Confirm your details and check the box that states “I am authorised to manage this business and I agree to the Terms of Service”. Once you do this, verify your address for the verification postcard. You will now be able to access your Google My Business dashboard.
  8. Get rid of duplicate/incorrect listings
    Delete or change any incorrect listings for your business as it will confuse both the search engine and your customers. For duplicate listings, you can contact Google to merge them. To know about how to attract new customers to business, read our blog: A BEGINNERS GUIDE ON HOW TO ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS TO BUSINESS.
  9. Personalise your listing: 
    From your dashboard, you can add profile photos, business hours, contact information, additional photos and add a description about your business. 

Benefits of getting listed on Google My Business

To get listed on google maps is important from the point of view of search engine optimisation. If you are have a google listing, you will show up higher on the search results. Once you know how to make Google business account, you must also learn the benefits of Google My Business that are listed below.

  1. Attract Customers: Even if you do not have a website, you can easily attract customers through a GMB listing. People usually search for products, services or businesses when they are interested in finding out which is the best fit for them and their needs. By posting photos of your products on GMB, you can make a good impression and get more customers.
  2. Get higher rankings in SERPs: When you verify your business on GMB, the algorithm takes it as a signal that you are a real business and provide your customers with value. So if someone searches for keywords relevant to your niche, your business shows up in the SERPs. Another benefit of creating a GMB is that you get a backlink from Google. Read about how to build credible backlinks for website SEO, in our blog: SMART WAYS TO BUILD CREDIBLE BACKLINKS FOR WEBSITE SEO.
  3. Get reviews: Your current or previous customers can leave reviews about your business in the listings. Good reviews will definitely get you more customers as reviews serve as proof that you offer quality services to your clients.
  4. Maintain brand consistency: Using GMB allows you to manage all google related accounts and activities like Google+, Google Ads, website, etc at one place. Thus, you can easily maintain a consistent image for your brand.

GMB is one service which every business should take maximum advantage of. Hopefully, after reading this blog you know how to make Google business account. To optimise your google my business page, make sure all your information is accurate and updated. Use interesting photos to engage with your customers and compel them. Make sure you consistently keep checks on your GMB page and reviews to get the most out of it.


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