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A magazine aims to render a good reading experience. We all can come up with creative ideas and work upon uniqueness. This is the basic element followed by everyone in the process of professional magazine designing. What makes you stand out? A good magazine design is built upon a structure which persuades the reader to go on and on. A step by step approach for achieving a professional design for magazine is essential. This article lays down the process of designing a professional magazine.

Professional magazine designing demands versatility. There are numerous rules and techniques which cater to successful designing of a magazine layout. You should design for the readers by keeping their style of thinking in mind. Aim at enticing the readers to purchase your magazine. Following are the five key steps to learn magazine designing:

1. Understand the elements of inspiring magazines

We are surrounded by various successful magazines like Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, etc. All these magazines do justice to their specific industry. Analyze their prime elements by going through each of them in detail. Begin by analyzing their way of presenting the headline. Move to their incorporation of shapes and infographics in conveying the content. Observe the magazine’s background and the font styles of the body content. All such things will give you a rough idea for beginning with professional magazine designing. Read in detail about the types of magazine ads, in our blog: TYPES OF MAGAZINE ADS- A STUDY.

2. Blend high quality content in a presentable manner

A good magazine provides relevant content to the reader. Once you’re sure of the quality of your content, begin working on its presentation. The content should have an attractive and proper format. This will facilitate an interesting reading experience for the reader. Make use of pull quotes and drop caps in the content. Manage the alignment of the text by maintaining ideal margins. Make use of bullets and visual cues for an easy reading experience. All these things will enable you to prepare a constructive magazine layout. To know how integral is content marketing in advertising, read our blog: HOW INTEGRAL IS CONTENT MARKETING IN ADVERTISING?

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3. Use strong and clear typography

The writing style of your content is significant for rendering a good reading experience. Every typeface has a specific connotation. A magazine is divided into various segments. Using multiple fonts is a good way of highlighting the content. However, using too many fonts will make your magazine look cluttered. It is advisable to use different typefaces of the same font family. This will enhance the overall consistency of the content. Moreover, the content should be legible enough to be read. This is an important step in the process of professional magazine designing. To know what are the top free magazine cover PSD templates, read our blog: TOP MAGAZINE COVER PSD TEMPLATES- DOWNLOAD FREE.

4. Pick compelling graphics

Incorporate powerful photojournalism into your magazine. One can’t undermine the effectiveness of images in conveying thoughts. Use compelling and vivid graphics. You should only include high quality journalistic photographs in your magazine. Majority of the people take up magazines to go through its pictures only. Use the concept of visualization to develop graphics. Customized and self made graphics will surely give a unique edge to your magazine layout. High quality professional photographs is a must for professional magazine designing. Know about the top 5 designing software, in our blog: TOP 5 DESIGNING SOFTWARE IN THE MARKET.

Know what you want to create

5. Design an impactful cover

Last but not the least, design a strong and compelling cover. Everybody judges a book by its cover. In this case also, you should put a great deal of effort into cover designing. Begin by adding the brand identity of the organization into the cover design. Put in all your artistic skills and come up with various ideas. Once you’re done, find the most suitable cover design idea for your magazine. Convey the purpose through a design or minimal usage of text. Pick the right color combination, appropriate font and texture for the cover. Cover designing is the most significant step in the process of professional magazine designing.

Once you’re done with all this, go for a high quality material for your magazine. Proofread all the content in your magazine so as to avoid any future errors. Get it printed and distribute it amongst the target audience. Follow the above steps with a tactical approach to learn magazine designing efficiently.


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