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Graphic designing enables you to make productive use of your artistic abilities. The world is changing with upcoming technology and digital media. A brush is replaced by a variety of designing tools through the graphic design software. There are a number of free graphic design software available. However, one isn’t aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the free online designing tools for beginners. This article presents the practical pros and cons of free graphic design software.

A free graphic design software is a software which helps in developing graphics using technological tools without any cost. We can create various designs online which can’t be created easily in the real world. You have to use your imagination with the same liberty over two platforms- digital and real life. Following are the advantages and disadvantages of free graphic design software:

PROS of free graphic design software

  • Precision and clarity: You can easily spot the difference in different designs. Every point in a design will be clearly visible. Various elements like objects, graphics and grids can be put with precision in the documents. The designs which are developed using software show a high level of clarity. You can simply notice the clarity level difference between a handmade design and design made by a free graphic design software.
  • Hi-tech tools: Various technological tools help you to change your thoughts into things. They enable you to transform your unique thoughts into a structured shape and look. Designing tools and some designing tips add to your level of creativity by providing a great range of possibilities. Your artistic skills change for the better by using free online designing tools for beginners.
  • Flexible handling: One can develop variety of designs in less time using numerous designing tools. You can save and generate multiple copies of the same design. Free graphic designing software give you the flexibility to modify designs according to your requirements. They provide immense possibilities for the designers to improve in every aspect.

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Being too negative

CONS of free graphic design software

  • Hidden charges: Majority of online free graphic designing websites charge a specific amount for extra services. Only a limited range of services are offered in the free packages. For availing the benefits and getting a high quality design, the customers have to pay a specific amount. Therefore, it is advisable to check the pricing details of the free graphic design software before beginning to design.
  • Direct use to millions: The online free graphic designing websites are open to use for all. The templates and designing tools can be accessed by millions. In such a situation, it is very difficult to come up with something unique. Your design might be a copy of somebody else’s design because of the similar designing tools used. Moreover, such graphic designs are not worthy enough to be used for professional purposes.
  • Easy loss of data: All your designing data can be lost on a single click. Your data might get corrupted leading to loss of all your work. Further, it is a difficult task to restore all your work if it is lost. This is one of the prime reasons why back ups are considered as a relevant aspect in the process of designing.

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All the above points will give you an understanding of the pros and cons of free graphic design software. Technology is empowering everybody in numerous fields. It has surely simplified our everyday tasks. However, many a times, we are misguided in the name of using something for ‘free’. Therefore, it is essential to know all the details related to a software before using it.



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