Most of the time, there is a huge difference between what people think and what the situation actually is. People have loads of misconceptions about various matters. This blog pays attention to the misconceptions that people have, regarding content writers and will throw light upon content writer’s reality. Such misconceptions include thinking that content writers have the perfect grammar, endless vocabulary and much more. The aim of this blog is to eliminate the content writing myths and misconceptions about a writer.

Most of the misconceptions that people have are actually unrealistic expectations. This blog aims at telling the readers that content writers are not exactly how they think they are. If you are a content writer, you will relate to all these misconceptions that people have about you. If you are not a content writer, then this blog will clear all of your misconceptions about the writer. Let us get into the blog and see how expectations/ misconceptions differ from reality.

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1. Perfect Grammar

Content writers spend a major part of their time in forming sentences and using grammar. We all read blogs and articles with the perfect grammar. It makes us expect that the content writers have no issues with the grammar, no matter which language they write in. But this is not the whole story. A content writers’ reality is a bit different. A content writer undoubtedly, has brilliant knowledge of grammar. But since nobody is perfect, we cannot say that he has the perfect grammar. Not to forget that his content gets edited several times before being published. Almost each and every error gets eliminated with each stage that the content passes through.

It is not correct to say that he is perfect in grammar merely because his content is without grammatical errors. The content writer’s reality is that his content is corrected multiple times to gain perfection in grammar. “Perfect grammar” is merely a content writing myth. Read this blog to know THE BEST GRAMMAR EDITORS AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET THAT EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT as generally, they help the content writers to refine their writings.

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2. Knowledge of all existing words of a language

Content writers have their whole universe revolving around words and language. Their entire job is writing and presenting words in an excellent form. Sometimes we read words in blogs and articles which we have never read before. Such words often leave a pretty nice impression on us about the vocabulary of the content writer. Take a look at these 10 TIPS FROM A PERFECTIONIST TO ENHANCE YOUR SKILL IN WEBSITE CONTENT WRITING. We tend to believe that the content writer must know all the words. This happens because many times we come across some different and new words in their content. However, this is another misconception about a writer.

Obviously, the content writers have a very vast range of vocabulary. But it is not necessary that they know all the words of that language. Every language has countless number of words. It is next to impossible for a person to know each and every word. A content writer is bound to use synonyms and new words to make the content look appealing. He has to research about new words which might fit the ideas. Therefore, it cannot be said that a content writer possesses the knowledge of all the words of a language. In fact the content writer’s reality is to keep on exploring, reading and researching the new words or ideas.

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3. 100% Original Content & Ideas

Content writers present several ideas and thoughts in their content. Often we come across ideas which we could never even think of. Whenever we read such content, we are forced to believe that the writer has 100% original content.

Writing original content is the best trait that a content writer can have. But the general belief that they have 100% original ideas is just a content writing myth. Even the most original content ceases to be 100% original. A content writer has to do tons of research before writing anything. Gathering ideas and modifying them cannot be particularly termed as cheating. Also, it cannot be interpreted as 100% original content. It is very difficult for a content writer to come up with new ideas every now and then. Therefore, it is always advisable to do a little bit of research and look around yourself. Take a look at THE BEST ONLINE PLAGIARISM CHECKERS AVAILABLE to check your writings once you complete it.

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4. Instant & Loads of Income

Certainly, content writing has a lot of scope. In fact, the scope of content writing is increasing day by day. People have expectations that content writers earn loads of income as soon as they start writing. A common misconception about writers is that they instantly receive their income and earn a lot of money. This is also one reason why people are attracted towards this profession. But this is merely a misconception and not at all the content writer’s reality. In this blog, we’ve talked about HOW MUCH SALARY CAN ONE MAKE AS A CONTENT WRITER?

Like every other profession, a content writer has to go through several stages. An experienced content writer may charge high fee and get loads of money. But it is not true for someone who has just entered into the profession. A fresher has to work really very hard to get a secure job. Also, he does not receive high income instantly. Things take time. After a certain point of time in the profession, a content writer starts earning pretty well. But reaching that stage requires time, patience, hard work and toil.

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5. Spontaneously Coming Up with Great Ideas

Often, content writers use quotes in their content. They present some overwhelming and great ideas too. These ideas and quotes are generally original. People get impressed by the way they present their content using extraordinary ideas and quotes. This makes them believe that content writers have expertise in this field too. People expect content writers to spontaneously come up with great ideas and quotes. 

This misconception about writers can be contradicted by the fact that thinking about great concepts takes time. Nobody can think exceptionally every time at the spur of the moment. A content writer is also a human being and his mind also works like everyone else. So it is unrealistic to expect a content writer to suggest quotes or ideas in the blink of an eye. Have a look at some of the GUIDELINES TO PICK QUALITY CONTENT WRITING FROM MEDIOCRE ONES if you want to compare the professional content with an average one.

A content writer is different from what people expect him to be. Lack of proper interaction with content writers gives birth to such misconceptions. These misconceptions about writers need to be talked about, so that people get a clear picture of the content writer’s reality. Most of them are nothing but mere false beliefs and expectations. Check out our next blog on LEARN TO WRITE BLOG AND PROVIDE OUTSOURCE CONTENT WRITING SERVICES.


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