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There are many content writers who work as a freelancer. Freelance writer is a trending job these days. But one needs to know various things about freelance writers before he thinks of becoming one. This blog will guide you about the service provided and the exposure of the income of a freelance writer, qualification required for becoming a work-from-home writer and difficulties in this profession.

Several writers are working as freelance writers. It is a convenient profession for loads of people. Many people hear about the work to be done by a freelance writer and find this job appealing. But they are not able to make a decision regarding this profession because they have only half knowledge of this profession. This blog will help you discover many aspects of a freelance writer’s job.

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Who is a Freelance Writer?

Almost everyone knows about content writers and their job. Content writing is basically writing content for newspapers, websites, magazines, blogs etc. A freelance writer’s job is just like a content writer who is self employed. Freelance writers are not committed to a certain company. They work for many companies at the same time. They get paid for all the work they do. It completely depends on the abilities of the writer whether he wants to work for diverse companies or stick to one kind.

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Qualifications For Becoming a Freelance Writer

A freelance writer’s job requires the same qualifications as any other content writer. There are no specific qualifications required for becoming a work from home writer. The common qualifications of a content writer include graduation or post graduation. The degree ideally should be in a subject about which he wants to write. For example, if a person wants to maintain a blog on current affairs and news, then the best degree for him can be in journalism. Companies hire freelance writers who have a good experience in this field as content writers. Take a look at some of the INNOVATIVE RECRUITMENT IDEAS TO FIND THE RIGHT TALENT.

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Qualities Required in a Freelance Writer

A freelance writer should have all the qualities that any content writer has. But, a freelance writer requires some extra qualities in addition to those. A freelance writer’s job offers lesser job security. One has to constantly search for work. They do not have a permanent job. Also, there is no constant income of a freelance writer. Freelance writers need to have a lot of self-confidence to ensure themselves that they can do well in this field. A person can handle a freelance writer’s job only if he is brave enough to keep working without any security. You might be interested to know the RESPONSIBILITIES OF SEO YOU WILL UNDERTAKE AS AN CONTENT FREELANCER IN DELHI.

A freelance writer should be very professional. The fact that he has no permanent relations with an entity should not stop him from being professional. Commitment is the key to success for a freelance writer. The more committed he is, the more opportunities he will get. He must be punctual with his affairs. Deadlines must not be ignored. Also, a freelance writer needs to have diverse knowledge about various subjects so that he can work for multiple companies. Click here to get to know some of THE BEST CONTENT WRITING TIPS FOR A PROFESSIONAL WRITER.

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Income & Perks of a Freelancer

A freelance writer is not committed to a single firm. So, he does not have a fixed, permanent salary. The income of a freelance writer keeps varying. It depends upon the work done by him. In this blog, we’ve explained in detail about HOW MUCH SALARY CAN ONE MAKE AS A CONTENT WRITER?. Many freelance writers charge according to the number of words they write. In rare cases, freelance writers charge according to the amount of time devoted in writing for that entity. There are loads of benefits of pursuing the career of a freelance content writer:

  • The first benefit being that a freelance writer is not bound to stick to the 9 to 5 job. Almost all the people who work 9 to 5 know the pain of working when they don’t really want to. But freelance writers choose their own time.
  • In a freelance writer’s job, one has the power to decide what kind of content do they want to write. A freelance writer can work for diverse companies if he wants. He is not required to follow someone else’s instructions all the time. He chooses what he does.
  • Freelance writers can take leave whenever they want to. No need to ask for permissions to relax and rejuvenate.
  • Also, there is a benefit with the income of a freelance writer as freelance writers decide their income. The more they work, the more they will get paid. They do not have to wait for their boss to increase their salary. They just need to work more.
  • Freelance writers do not have to be necessarily dressed in formals. Neither do they have to travel to go to a workplace. They have the power to work comfortably at their home in their pyjamas. Isn’t that great?

In short, the greatest perk of a freelance writer is that they are their own boss.

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Difficulties in this Profession

Every coin has two faces. There are a number of benefits of being a freelance writer. But there are some difficulties too:

  • Finding clients– The most common difficulty in a freelance writer’s job is that they need to work really hard to find clients. Any entity would hire a freelance writer only if he/she has a brilliant experience/image.
  • No regular work– Several freelance writers do not get regular work. This makes their situation worse off. Not getting regular work can ultimately result into lack of sufficient regular income.
  • Stress– Lack of regular work and job insecurity can cause stress to freelance writers. This stress can adversely affect their health and harm their potential. There are some other difficulties too which almost every content writer faces, regardless of the workplace. Click here to know the TOP 10 DAY-TO-DAY CHALLENGES OF A CONTENT DEVELOPER.

All the subjects discussed in this blog were purely from a freelance writer’s point of view. Any aspiring freelance writer must consider all these points before making a decision. Doing a freelance writer’s job is not a piece of cake. But being a freelance writer has its own unique benefits too. Hard work, sincerity, patience and self esteem contribute to growth of a successful freelance writer. Check out our next blog about HARROWING CHALLENGES OF A FREELANCE EDITOR & HOW TO OVERCOME THEM.

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