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Are you confused between professional marketing writing and content writing? As a content writer, you should know all about how to write marketing content, as it is one of the genres of content marketing. In this blog, we aim to provide a better understanding of the basic aspects of content writing for marketing so that you can distinguish them.

Content writing is any piece of work that is written and released on the internet for the purpose of the users to find it. It has many forms like blogs, articles, jingles, poems, scripts, etc. It also includes marketing writing. Therefore, professional marketing writing is an aspect or a genre of content writing. Professional marketing writing entails creating content with the purpose of promoting information about a product or a brand. This process involves providing information about the product, advising and helping the customers with use of the product. It is available in the form of copy writing, articles, videos, blogs and so on. Here is how you can distinguish between content writing for marketing and regular content. 



Professional marketing writing is different in tone than other forms of content writing. It involves a sense of urgency in its tone in order to convince the customers about the efficiency of the product. Marketing content causes the natural adrenaline rush with phrases like ‘limited period offers’ or ‘seasonal discounts’, which appeal to the consumers. It involves taglines and phrases to catch the eye of customers. Different types of marketing content demand different tones. For example, if one is writing content for a luxury hotel, the content has to have a strong vocabulary and complex sentence structure. On the other hand, if one is writing content for a bed-and-breakfast the vocabulary has to be casual and the sentences simple.

Content writing comes in various tones. Sometimes it is laid back, humorous or personal. While other times, it may be informative depending on the genre. You can learn more about content writing by reading our blog on: TOP 10 DAY-TO-DAY CHALLENGES OF A CONTENT DEVELOPER.



Content writing for marketing conveys only information that relates directly to the product. Its only purpose is to educate the consumer about the product and does not aim to do anything more. It does not give out any information that doesn’t pertain to the product. There is no room for the opinion of the writer or marketer in content writing for marketing. Their job is just to form a bridge between the product-developers and the consumers.

Content writing has a variety of conveyances. It can be thought-provoking, educative, interrogative or simply laid-back. Content writing can also be on a variety of subjects. It can also not be promoting any sort of product at all. It provides more scope for creative freedom and personal expression.



A professional marketing writer narrows down the audience, keeping in mind the product it is promoting. One should specifically keep the audience in mind while writing. For example, if the content is promoting chocolate bars, one should write keeping in mind the consumers, who are mainly children.

Content writing is not always audience-oriented, it is directed to a wider base of audience. It has a bigger scope. For example, if a person starts a food blog, people from every background, every age-group may have interest to read it. Therefore, it would be impossible to narrow down the audience. To learn more about blog writing, read our blog on: WHAT IS THE CORRECT BLOG WRITING FORMAT?



Content writing for marketing does not leave any room for personal opinion or personal creativity. The writer is anonymous in his/her attempt to bring the product into focus. He/she is the tool for the company to reach out to its customers and for the customers to reach the company. The product developer decides all creative expression that goes into marketing and the writer has no hand in it. A content writer is not always anonymous. If he/she chooses to, the writer may express his/her own views and opinions. For example, the content in a fashion blog will revolve around personal style choices and fashion sense of the writer. It will promote their own sense of trends. 

As a content writer, there is a prospect in professional marketing writing. So, it is important that you know the inner workings of the industry and how to write marketing content differently from other content. If you want to know more about the tools that will help you improve your content writing skills, check out our blog on: THE MOST RESOURCEFUL CONTENT WRITING TOOLS AVAILABLE ONLINE.

Sometimes, there is no space for personal expression in content writing for marketing. Therefore, it may appear as a challenge. Even so, it remains one of the most popular content works in the capitalist society we live in. Thus, it serves as a good means to make a living if you are a writer. Click on the link below to know more about content writing as a career: A NEWBIE’S HANDBOOK ON HOW TO WRITE ONLINE CONTENT.

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