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Advertising is a dynamic and significant aspect of running a successful business. There has been a significant rise in the demand for flyers, brochures and other means of advertising by business organisations. This article compares designing of flyers using the internet with professional designing of flyers.

Flyers are small handbills, which are made with a purpose of promoting a product or an event. They are one of the most commonly used advertising means. This can be attributed to their ‘wide reach’. There are numerous online flyer maker applications available today. The design of a flyer is of vital importance, since it plays the role of communicating the purpose of a flyer to the target audience. People use different approaches to the concept of ‘how to design flyers’. Some resort to the easily available online tools, whereas others stick to the professional standards. Now, let us compare the two.

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1. Time constraint

An online flyer maker software saves up time and gives you a speedy output. You can simply put in the necessary details online, choose from a variety of templates and make the appropriate adjustments. After making all the customizations, you can take the final print out and you’re done. This approach to ‘how to design flyers’ can save you days of work. A professional flyer making process involves application of systematic and professional techniques. It follows a structured set of guidelines and can take up more amount of time and energy. To know more about flyer designing, read our blog WHEN AD AGENCIES RESORT TO FLYER MAKING: PROS AND CONS.


2. The element of uniqueness

An online flyer maker software is open for use by anybody around the globe. The templates, images, tools can be easily accessed by millions. It is very difficult to come up with something unique in such a situation. Professional flyer making is primarily chosen on account of its ‘element of uniqueness’. They have their own sets of templates, images and tools which can’t be accessed by anyone except them. A professional approach to ‘how to design flyers’ guarantees a unique and attractive design of the flyers.


3. Cost effectiveness

Online flyer maker options are generally free of cost. In case, they are paid, then the amount is usually very reasonable. Majority of such tools offer a flexibility in their pricing as well. They offer both paid and unpaid packages. The cost of getting professionally designed flyers can go up till any amount. There are a variety of advertising agencies around us. If you try to contact a top ranking advertising agency, you will encounter a variety of packages. The price of such packages can get exorbitantly high. The cost of getting professional flyers is also dependent upon the kind of advertising agency you go for.

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4. Scope: variety of resources

Online flyer maker tools have a limited availability of resources. Moreover, there is a huge number of online flyer maker applications around us today. They all make use of the same resources. There’s a very limited scope of going ahead with such limited resources. Professionally designed flyers are developed using a wide variety of resources. They focus on making use of the best resources available in the market. They keep on adapting continuously and aim at offering a good customer experience. This is one of the most distinguishing benefits of professionally designed flyers. Read our blog THE ULTIMATE RULE BOOK FOR PROFESSIONAL DESIGN COMPOSITION AND LAYOUTING to know more about designing the right way.

All the above points mention the pros and cons of an online flyer maker and professional designing of flyers. Understand them before choosing the most effective way of ‘how to design flyers’. Analyse the above factors, in order to systematically develop your flyers.


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