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Are you trying to find a floor plan designer to plan a floor in your office building? Do you want to design an architectural floor plan for multiple purposes? Fear no more. While there are hundreds of architectural companies out there, we have made a list of the best websites to get a floor plan designed. 

It is not easy to find a floor plan designer who fits your needs and understands your ideas. In order to model or remodel any building structure, one may hire an architect or an interior designer, and sometimes both. Every company wants to do things differently when it comes to major structural work or additions, and also offers decisions with material and color selections. There are intricate designs that an architectural floor plan contains, such as water supply line, electrical wiring and so on. It is vital that you hand this very delicate and complex job to the companies who have been in this business for sometime and know the work inside out. Here is a list of companies you should consider if you are looking to get a floor plan designed.

Uni Square Concepts

Uni Square Concepts

You need not look any further than here at Uni Square Concepts in order to find a floor plan designer. We offer professional floor designs and exemplary graphical representations of floor plans. We have a great team of professional architects and designers churning out design after design. We try our best to accommodate the colour schemes, textures and other specifications requested by our clients. 



Apart from graphic design, digital marketing, tech and many more operations, Fiverr specializes in designing architectural floor plans. They provide you with 3D designs for your real estate plans. You can outsource your work or hire. It is a platform for the designers to advertise their work. While you browse through professional designs, you can adjust the categories such as pricing, delivery time, status of seller, design format, seller location and so on. 



Guru is one of the right places if you want to find a floor plan designer. It has tons of designers and architects advertising their products. Guru has a list of both freelancing designers and designing companies. They provide 3D renderings of architectural designs. You can refine the categories like delivery time, location, feedback, reviews, rate/ hour, budget and tested skills to find the right floor designer for yourself. 

Freelance Architects

Freelance Architects

Designing an architectural floor plan requires a lot of responsibilities. Most freelance architects are budding designers who want to start their own architectural firm. They have loads of opportunities when it comes to finding jobs online. They usually specialize in CAD, 3D model software, in graphics and so on. They usually accept pay/ hour according to their rates. However, sometimes they may ask for a set price depending on the kind of design they have offered you. It is wise to talk to them before you hire them and make sure they understand what you want. Read their reviews on Yelp, Google and other sites. Have a look at our blog on FREELANCING THE WAY OUT- TOP FREELANCE WEBSITES FOR YOUNG PROFESSIONALS

Architectural Firms

When it comes to finding a floor plan designer, architectural firms specialize in designing and architecture. They employ whole bodies of floor planners, designers, architects, interior decorators and so on. Each person has a specific role to play. The company has a specific structure and different wings or departments. They take on big as well as small projects depending on location, duration and pricing. 

Architecture is a creative field. When you, as a client try to find a floor plan designer, you have to choose the agency that best understands your vision. It is the secret to designing an architectural floor plan that is exemplary. Read the reviews and testimonials before you begin working with any agency. You have to be certain that they understand your ideas and needs.


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