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A lot of business firms these days have started hiring freelance content writers. But the most important question is, is it really beneficial to choose freelance content writers over content writing agencies? The answer to this question will be clear by the end of this blog.

The importance of content writing has been increasing in the recent times. Many firms have started using it as a tool to attract the attention of as many people possible. Not all firms are experts in writing their own content and hence they outsource the work. Before outsourcing, they have a decision to make: whether to hire a freelance content writer or a content writing agency. The following factors can be helpful in making the right decision.

Freelance content writers: are they the best way forward? affordability


Freelance content writers charge prices that are a lot lower than those charged by content writing firms. This makes hiring freelance content writers affordable for small businesses, startups, etc.

But, should affordability be the only factor?  The answer is no. There are a lot of other aspects that should be considered too.

Freelance content writers: are they the best way forward? Quality of work

Quality of work

Only a good freelance content writer will be able to deliver good quality content. But, the quality delivered by a renowned content writing agency is commendable. As only experts are hired by the content writing agencies, they do not compromise on the quality. Companies know how to write articles and blog in an appealing manner and catch the attention of the required audience. Agencies often have a team of writers and editors, who go through the draft in stages, before submitting it to the client. This ensures high level of quality.

Freelance content writers: are they the best way forward? seo friendly content

SEO friendly content

A freelancer may or may not be aware of SEO friendly content or may not know how to write it properly. A content writing agency has dedicated personnel who can write the content in the right manner. Such experts have the ability to use essential keywords in a strategic way. They also remain updated with the change in ranking trends by search engines. Thus, a freelance content writer should be hired with caution in case of getting SEO friendly content written. Read more about SEO content writers on our blog: ‘Importance of a SEO content writer in today’s world’.

Freelance content writers: are they the best way forward? variety


A firm may require to hire different freelance content writers for different fields. One freelancer cannot be specialized in all fields. A lot of time and effort may have to be spent while finding a good freelancer among many bad ones. All this effort can be saved by hiring a content writing agency if the topics to be written are of different fields. An agency has a group of professionals who can cater to the different requirements of the client’s firm.

Freelance content writers: are they the best way forward? timely completion of task

Timely completion of tasks

Deadlines may not be met if a ameteur freelance content writer is hired. Freelancers have other priorities that may act as a hindrance to the completion of projects or tasks on time. The sole purpose of a content writing agency is to serve their clients and do the work on time. So it can be said that hiring a dedicated and trustworthy content writing agency is better than hiring an average freelance content writer.

Freelance content writers: are they the best way forward? knowledge and experience

Knowledge and experience

A freelance content writer may offer innovative ideas, but not everyone possesses of proper knowledge and experience. It can also be possible that a freelance content writer has proper knowledge but lacks experience and expertise. Hiring a good content writing agency can be the solution to this. The employees of such an agency have proper knowledge and experience. They work under the guidance of experienced personnel.

Freelance content writers: are they the best way forward? Adapting to the brand’s tone of voice

Adapting to the brand’s requirements

When a mediocre freelance content writer is hired, it may be difficult for him to get used to the tone of the client’s brand. It is also difficult to match the tone of content by different freelancers. If one company is hired, a single pattern or tone or format can be followed by dedicating a focused editor. Uniformity can be maintained which will be beneficial for the company.

Freelance content writers: are they the best way forward? Ability to manage workload

Ability to manage workload

A freelance content writer may agree to get hired in spite of having a large number of projects already. It can also be the case that a freelancer agrees to take up a large volume of work and may not be able to complete it on time. This makes freelance content writers unreliable as compared to content writing agencies.

Freelance content writers: are they the best way forward? communication


Freelancers generally do not own any website or prominent social media profiles. The whole deal is done online. There are limited ways to contact a freelancer, through phone calls or through email. Alternate phone numbers may or may not be available. Hence a unprofessional hired freelance content writer can easily ghost on clients. On the other hand, prominent content writing agencies either have a physical workplace or a website or both. Alternate methods to communicate with them are therefore available.

Mere affordability is not enough. Finding a good freelance content writer and hiring the one who fulfills all the above criteria is the key to get fruitful results. Therefore it is not advisable for firms to prefer a freelance content writer for important long term projects. All the above drawbacks are also applicable for fly by night content writing companies. Hence, a proper evaluation of all the factors is a must before selecting any freelancer or agency.


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