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Are you curious about the objectives of a creative digital agency? What are the top challenges of a digital agency that is powered by data? In this day and age, all digital agencies rely on data to drive their objectives and operations. In case you want the answer to how does a data-driven creative digital agency function, keep reading.

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The evolution in technology has led to software solutions for particularly B2B businesses. It is no mystery that the  objectives of a creative digital agency ensures a direct dependence on data in order to function. Data supports all marketing decisions in the digital world. According to a marketing report from ZoomInfo and Ascend2, 64 percent of these very efficient data-driven marketers disclosed that personalization is their most important objective. They also claimed that “improving data quality” as their greatest challenge in achieving personalization. To know more about how does a data-driven creative digital agency function, keep reading.

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Top Challenges of a Digital Agency

  • What proves as a marketing challenge is that marketers are not looking closely enough to identify target audiences. What they should not be doing is looking at past performance metrics. They should be directly looking at groups of target audiences and buyer personas so that they can develop their strategies around it. Intent data is what helps B2B marketers identify audiences and improve predictive marketing.
  • When it comes to the question of how does a data-driven creative digital agency function, personalizing the customer’s experience is of utmost importance but due to insufficient data influx, this is difficult for marketers. Customers have high expectations when it comes to User Experience.
  • Another top challenge of a digital agency is that only 10% of the data is used in marketing. The value of data has become more in the recent years with the various data-protection laws in place. Improving data quality is highly important.
  • Time is another top challenge of a digital agency as data is subject to change and marketers have to act at a moment’s notice. Real-time insights are crucial to success and sustenance for companies. Companies resort to establishing closed-loop reporting in order to make new strategies for ongoing campaigns.

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Objectives of a Creative Digital Agency

  • The most important objective of a creative digital agency is to personalize user experience. The user should feel at ease with the amount of personalization efforts put into the website. The right campaigns should reach the right people.
  • Measuring ROI, although it is a challenge for data-driven agencies, it is also an objective. With so many platforms, millions of users and constant incoming data, it is difficult to measure the ROI. It is a complex process.
  • When it comes to the question of how does a data-driven creative digital agency function, it is important to target specific market segments and not all people at once. Intel data is crucial. It should ensure the acquiring of new customers.
  • The data quality has to be improved as a part of the objectives of a creative digital agency. It should filtered and filtered in order to eliminate useless chunks of information. All marketing campaigns are centered around this process.

As a business-owner working with a data-driven agency, you need to keep in mind the objectives of a creative digital agency along with the challenges. It is not easy to overcome these challenges in order to achieve the objectives. That is why it is so important to work with a good agency. Your success varies on the kind of agency you are working with and how they use the data at their disposal.


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