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Are you an entrepreneur who wants to get a visiting card designed from an ad agency? For optimal effectiveness, you must consider the top custom business cards features that are essential to get your company’s message across. Otherwise, your card would look ill-made and incomplete. We have made a list of aspects of a professional business card that you should consider for your business. 

Your business cards are the extension of all that your business represents. There are several aspects of a professional business card that can cause a reasonable difference to how people view your company. Business cards are vital if you want to raise the credibility of your business and give out a clear and professional vibe. A networking tool as simple as a business card can cause a grand impression on your customers, if made correctly. If you want to get a visiting card designed from an ad agency, there are 5 important areas you need to pay special attention to. 

Company Logo

1. Company Logo

When it comes to top custom business cards features, the company logo is crucial. It should be the most prominent thing on the card because your logo is the face if your business. This is what your customers see first regarding your company. A good logo highlights your uniqueness against your competitors. Read our another blog on TIPS FOR DESIGNING A GOOD COMPANY LOGO, to know more about professional and systematic designing of logo.

Graphics Inclusion

2. Graphics Inclusion

One of the essential top custom business cards features is the inclusion of graphics. If your brand produces creative upstream work like clothing, jewelry or shoes, graphics are the aspects of a professional business card that you should focus on. It should be professionally designed and should be of top quality. It should also set you apart from all your competitors. It should have the capability to grab people’s attention. While choosing graphics for your visiting card, you should be cautious about how it bears relevance to your business. A good picture can be your greatest chance to become unique in your creativity. Check out these 10 DESIGNING METHODOLOGIES FOR CREATIVE CONCEPTUALISATION OF IDEAS to generate innovative ideas.

Color Palette Creation

3. Color Palette Creation

There are countless color palettes to choose from when you are printing a business card as they are among top custom business cards features. When it comes to getting a visiting card designed from an ad agency, you need to choose the color that best flatters your business and its products. For example, if you own a children’s toy company, you can go for powder blue or pale pink. However, if you own a construction business, you cannot use the aforementioned colors but should go with grey, black or brown. Our blog on TOP COLOR COMBINATIONS: POWER OF COLOR RELATIONSHIPS will help you more to have a dignified look of your business card.

4. Legibility

Top custom business cards features cannot ignore the significance of legibility. At one glance, the consumers should be able to tell what the product/ service is all about. People should not harbor any confusion when trying to decipher the meaning of the typography. It should be simple and elegant at first sight. When it comes to companies with longer names, legibility may be ruined when the size is altered. In order to thrive more consumers, you need to learn more about typography, so check our blog on THE TOP 5 BASIC TYPOGRAPHY TERMS EVERY DESIGNER SHOULD KNOW 

Accuracy, 5 top features your custom business cards cannot lack: tips from an ad agency

5. Accuracy

The information provided in the custom card should be accurate and simple. If there is a QR code printed on it, it should be easy to facilitate. Adhering to the aspects of a professional business card, all the information should be arranged in a specified order. Cluttering or stuffing of details should be avoided as it would cause a negative impression and confusion among customers. The main pieces of information printed on the card should be:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone numbers
  • Email IDs
  • Taglines

Business cards contribute to brand awareness in their own special way. Getting a visiting card designed from an ad agency can cause an ocean of change to your business. If you pay attention to the top custom business cards features mentioned above, you will be able to set yourself different from your counterparts. To get 10 free professional business card templates, the PSD files of which can be downloaded for free, click here.


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